Our History

The Debowsky Design Group is a Miami-based architecture and interiors firm committed to design excellence, sensitivity to budget, and sustainable building practices.

Founded in 2009, the firm’s design philosophy envisions “from the inside, out.” establishment of the hierarchy of spaces and the requested stylistic expressions lead to beautiful and practical solutions. Analysis of context, reflected by a client’s vision for the space, allows for optimal design, appropriate fixtures, and complementary building materials.

The challenges of Florida’s tropical conditions are met by environmental sensibility and an awareness of sustainable building systems. The Debowsky Design Group emphasizes ongoing dialogue with clients and consultants from related design disciplines to ensure each space’s success.

Detail-oriented and aware of contemporary architectural trends, this award-winning firm serves a specialized niche in the design of residential projects, mid-sized commercial planning, and the specialty practice of local retail storefront design—with an eye on appreciation of interior spaces. The approach is holistic. The results are consistently harmonious and dramatic. Quality of design is complemented by attention to detail in construction, timely delivery, and strict compliance to budget.

The Debowsky Design Group redefines the perception of space and design to evoke powerful emotions surrounding the spaces we occupy to live, shop, and work. A house is not a home unless you love where you live!