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Bringing Sexy Back to the Bedroom


Transforming your Master Suite into a Sanctuary

Let’s try something.

Close your eyes. No peeking. Now, imagine a romantic escape – perfectly tailored to you and your partner. One entire weekend with absolutely zero plans beyond relaxation and rekindled romance. A lil’ Barry White playing in the background (don’t fight it), soothing color schemes, luxurious sheets that you never want to get out of, and an all around undercurrent of pure escape.

Can you picture it? Can you feel it? You need this, right?

If you didn’t just envision your own master suite in this delightful scene, we at Debowsky Design Group would love to make your fantasy a reality. To loosely borrow a phrase from JT, let’s bring sexy back…home.

We compiled a few quick ways that you can capture the atmosphere of a private oasis in your own home, without breaking the bank.

  1. Unplug. We mean it. No televisions or screens of any kind should be visible and/or readily accessible in your bedroom. It’s all too easy to push away romance and pillow talk with just one more tweet and a few more Facebook likes, while flipping between the game and HGTV.

That said, we know there’s nothing quite like holing up in bed, armed with never-ending mimosas and two seasons of your favorite binge-watch. So if you simply cannot live without a big screen, allow us to camouflage it in style. And while we’re designing creative spaces, let’s keep your other personal devices charging at an out-of-reach spot.

  1. Dim the lights. But not all of them. Bedroom lighting is a fairly complex design matter. There should be enough task lighting to get dressed, read a book before bed, and apply makeup, and enough accent lighting to add a glow.
  1. Aromatherapy. Select a scent that takes you someplace else. Perhaps it’s the Four Season Spa lotions and potions, or the sweets parlor at the St. Regis in Bali. Maybe it reminds you of the freshly cut grass, or the scent of the Paris markets in June. Your home — and especially your bedroom — should feel like a secret getaway spot, so choose a scent that transports your imagination somewhere special to you.

This same advice applies for trinkets acquired on a favorite trip; bring them home, make them a focal point, and you’ve got an instant postcard from paradise right in your bedroom.

  1. Forget The Thread Count. For some people, it’s all about the numbers. 300, 800. For others, it’s locale –Egyptian. But for us, may we recommend you skip the old guessing game and go straight for linen. There’s something to be said about splurging on the softest Belgian Linen sheets. In the end it comes down to one thing – you deserve a set of sheets that will hug you back once you climb in.

Essentially, it’s about creating a space that’s hard to leave. At Debowsky Design Group, it’s our mission to keep you coming home. Bonus points if after each and every day – your bedroom continues to give you butterflies.

We love butterflies.



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