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Park Your Home Addition Dreams…In the Garage?


Three Cool Options for Your Garage Conversion

At Debowsky Design Group, we’re big fans of getting our hands on extra square footage wherever we can find it. Like, your garage.

It may take a little imagination. (Okay, in some cases, maybe a lot.) Most garages tend to be a catch-all for anything and everything that won’t fit in the house. We’re talking holiday decorations you haven’t used in three Halloweens, the bikes with flat tires, beach toys, and box after box of memories you’ve long forgotten.

You could use your garage to create a better life for your family – not just for your family car. We’ve got some ideas:

  • Office Sweet Office. Why not cut your morning commute by an hour? We can create a professional, highly utilized smart space to give you privacy and a real sense of professionalism when clients come calling. Think replacing the door with a wall and window to maximize natural light, air conditioning, and incredible hidden storage solutions.
  • Play, Play, Hide Away. Ask any parent for their definition of torture, and their answer will probably include stepping on a Lego with bare feet in the middle of the night. An off-site playroom sounds like the ultimate luxury, doesn’t it? Our best designs transition with your family’s ever-changing needs: from homework central to teen hangouts, and study and arts and crafts studios.
  • Suite Dreams. What if every night could feel like a sleepover at your favorite five-star? It can. Our team at Debowsky Design Group has transformed double-car garages into serene suites, complete with a bath and a functional kitchenette stocked with midnight snacks. This option is a favorite of clients who frequently entertain out-of-town guests and those who rent out their homes when they’re away. Is this option allowed in your county? Just ask us what’s possible. Knowing the rules is half the battle.

At Debowsky Design Group, we love realizing the potential of a good garage. Although they’re modest in size, they can still pack a stylish punch with a smaller budget than a full in-house renovation. And, since the structure is separate from your main house, you can take more design risks. So, get creative.

If you’re not ready for a complete remodel of your home today, consider working on your lot’s least-valued existing structure. Kick your car to the curb (literally) and let’s get started.




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