Our Services

Turning your house or office into your dream space is no small feat. That’s why at Debowsky Design Group, we are with you every step of the way. From turning your ideas into fully designed blueprints and navigating the permitting process to overseeing your General Contractor to ensure your home is built exactly how we planned, our team manages it all until everyone is oohing and ahhing over your new space.

New Construction

Building a new single family home, multi-family residential building, office building, or retail space, takes planning an understanding of municipal zoning regulations and restrictions. The Debowsky Design Group facilitates all aspects of planning and permitting. We specialize in master planning; maximizing surrounding views, understanding the contextual relationship with neighboring buildings, and knowing what can and cannot be built in your neighborhood. We conduct land studies to maximize the area that can be incorporated into your building’s design.

Remodels + Additions

Make the most of what you have. We can convert your small rooms into an open floorplan, flip your galley kitchen to overlook the living room with a huge island, or add on that master suite you’ve always dreamed of. It starts with a, ‘You know what would be nice…’ and ends with that becoming reality.


Interior design is the heart and soul of our practice. The Debowsky Design Group was formed around the idea that the true purpose of creating a structure is to house the activity inside; buildings should be designed from the inside out. We create interior design elements for almost all of our residential and commercial projects, providing space planning, furniture procurement, paint selection, lighting, flooring, art selection and placement, and more. Our design experience, augmented by relationships with fabulous South Florida vendors, transforms your house into a home.


Along with expertise in residential design, the Debowsky Design Group has an extensive history designing commercial spaces. The average person spends more waking hours at his place of business than at home; these spaces should also be personalized.
  • Commercial: If you are developing a new property or retrofitting an old building, the Debowsky Design Group guides you through the process from planning and permitting all the way to furniture procurement and color selection.
  • Corporate: Space planning in the corporate world is important for employers, workers, and clients. Keeping productivity at its highest level makes companies more successful. The Debowsky Design Group creates safe, comfortable, inspiring work environments.
  • Retail: Developers and entrepreneurs must collaborate to create retail spaces that excite and inspire shoppers. The Debowsky Design Group creates retail experiences that translate into satisfied customers and sales.

40-year Certifications: Do you currently own a building that is coming up on its 40th birthday? Have you received a letter from your municipality that is requesting a 40-Year Certification? If so, call us at Debowsky Design Group so we can complete your inspection and give you a thorough report for your building.

Feasibility Study

Determining if a lot or property is a viable site for building or customizing a home is a vital first step. Debowsky Design Group brings added value to zoning and the land use restriction process; including critical areas, views, access issues, and the effects of site conditions on building costs. The best time to determine the suitability of a prospective home or development property is prior to its purchase. Our expertise contributes to sound real estate decisions.

Professional Credentials