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5 Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Home in a Week

The cold, honest truth is that HGTV lies to us. They make us think that we can do a quick two week renovation of a home and it’ll be a completely new space that is unrecognizable. And as much as they claim the opposite, it really isn’t reality. A full renovation is a much longer process (and it should be! If you don’t have time to do it right, you don’t have time to redo it). But there are a few simple upgrades you can tackle that will change a room(s) aesthetic and make you feeling accomplished.

Choose a New Color Palette or Wallpaper

Make some big visual changes by upgrading your walls one room at a time. A fresh coat of paint is one of the quickest, easiest, and most economical ways to make an impact on any space immediately. Along the same lines, wallpaper is back in a big way. It’s new, improved, and self-stick. It’s never been easier to add a bold patterned accent wall. Once you start it’s easy to want to do every room. We say go for it, but going one room at a time keeps it manageable.

Replace lighting fixtures

If you’ve been living with the same lighting fixtures for several years now you might barely notice them anymore. They’re one of those things that tends to just blend in, but they don’t have to be. A new and unique lighting fixture can completely revamp the look of a room while giving you better light to live by. 

New Hardware & Fixtures in Your Kitchen/Bathroom 

Sometimes making a small change can have a big impact. Find some cool new cabinet and drawer pulls. It will take longer to choose from all the options than it will to get them installed. Go all in with new faucets. Maybe that matte gold faucet you’ve had your eye on, or bronze, or black. Whatever fits the new aesthetic you’re creating. Springing for a fancy showerhead goes beyond just the looks, you’ll get a spa-like shower experience out of it as well.

Replace your window treatments

Another detail that tends to blend in until you upgrade it to stand out. Window treatments need to be equal parts form and function. Think layers. If long, dramatic curtains aren’t your thing –  that’s okay. You can create layered window treatments without them. The idea is that you want to have degrees of window coverage options. For most spaces two layers is enough. A sheer option that offers some privacy but lets in plenty of light can be a great feature. Plus, an opaque option for when you want even more privacy as well as to block both heat and light. However, for bedrooms we like to add a third blackout layer for getting great sleep any time of day.

Give the front of your home a facelift.

Let’s move it outside for a minute to talk about curb appeal. Spending a weekend working on your home’s first visual impressions is more than enough to make some obvious changes. Get some satisfaction for a good pressure cleaning. Replace your house numbers – bonus points if you decide to find some that are backlit. Revamp your front flowerbeds with some fresh, new plants and fresh mulch. Or add some pretty pots with plants if you’re not into working in flowerbeds. Choose a bold new color for your front door. Maybe even get out of your comfort zone a bit. Afterall you can always repaint it again if your canary yellow experiment doesn’t do anything for you.If doing a few small projects gets your design juices flowing and you’re ready to jump into some bigger projects, we’re here for it. Let’s talk about your vision for your home. Give us a call.