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5 Luxe Halloween Decor Ideas

Let’s face it. Halloween decorations can be a bit tacky but they don’t have to be.

There are many ways to decorate for Halloween that celebrate the spookiness of the holiday without sacrificing style. And no – you don’t have to ditch your pumpkins or witch figurines. It’s all about putting an elegant twist on the seasonal mainstays while keeping it unique and tasteful.

Whether you’re decorating your front porch, tabletop, or living room, here are five ideas to keep it luxe:

  1. Stick to Glass and Metal

Put away the plastic pumpkins and fake spider webs, and instead opt for glass and metal. It may not be necessary to avoid plastic at all costs, but other materials often have a more elegant look and feel. There are many decorative objects out there that can easily add a spooky touch to your space. Look for glass pumpkins, decorative candlesticks, vases, and other accessories that showcase the holiday.

  1. Embrace Nature’s Bounty

In fall, Mother Nature brings us so many colorful and interesting things that make perfect decorations for inside and outside. The age-old vibrant orange pumpkin is a classic choice, but these days, many pumpkin and squash varieties are available in lots of different colors. From the flatter fairytale pumpkins and chirimen that looks like it’s covered in warts to green acorn squash, blue jarrahdale, and white pumpkins, there are so many beautiful options.

Combine multiple types of pumpkin and squash, and throw in some colorful foliage, and you can create infinite Halloween-scapes. Using natural items in a decor scene is always an easy go-to approach, and one that won’t bog up your storage for the rest of the year.

  1. Paint Your Pumpkins

Pumpkin carving is a timeless Halloween tradition, but if you carve it too early, your jack-o-lantern will be shriveled up well before October 31. Instead, opt to paint your pumpkins, but think outside the box. Cover the whole pumpkin with metallic paint, paint on polka dots or stripes, or cover the pumpkin with glitter! Painting a variety of sizes of pumpkins in a coordinating color scheme, like gold and black, is a great way to create elegant decor.

  1. Look for Vintage Props

To add an extra spooky something to your Halloween decor, look for some vintage items, like real-life old medicine bottles, lab equipment, posters, figurines, or spooky photographs. Many of these items are well made, stylish, and can often give up a bit of a creepy vibe, adding a lot of personality to your decor for the season. Added bonus? You can use the medicine bottles year-round to store cotton balls, q-tips and other bathroom accessories.

  1. Choose Nontraditional Colors

Black and orange are the quintessential Halloween colors, but going with a whole new color scheme will help keep the decor from clashing with the rest of your house. Try out gold, silver, purple, green, white, or all black. You can also use muted versions of the traditional orange and black to soften up the holiday feel.

So what are you waiting for? Give these Halloween decor tricks a try. We’re sure they will help keep the eeriness of the season, while avoiding the tackiness trap.



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