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6 Top Trends in Kitchen Design We’re Cooking Up in 2019

We tend to resist the word “trend” around Debowsky Design Group. Timeless design is our thing, especially in the kitchen. Because, even though we do our best to make the process enjoyable, we’re pretty sure our clients don’t want to remodel every two years.

No one does.

Luckily for us all, the 2019 kitchen design leanings are both fresh and enduring. No fly-by-nights here.

Let’s take a look at our favorites:

  1. Digital Appliances. Tech-integrated kitchens are cool, from motion sensing faucets to lighting. You haven’t lived until you’ve pre-ordered your morning macchiato from your phone in bed only to have it waiting for you in the kitchen by the time you stumble downstairs. Bonus points for being able to check the fridge contents from the grocery store and enjoying a single pour from your wine fridge. Can’t decide between a Chardonnay and a Pinot Noir? You don’t have to.
  2. Bespoke walls of storage. Great news for those clients who never fully embraced the visual chaos of open shelving! Stunning floor-to-ceiling cabinetry really streamline the look of any kitchen, replacing the need for appliance garages and pantries.
  3. Statement appliances. Maybe the perfect foil to a smart kitchen is an appliance that looks more like art, from Viking and Miele to Sub-Zero and La Cornue. Think of them like a Birkin bag handed down from your grandmother. They’ll never go out of style.
  4. Trough sinks. The name implies a rustic element, but don’t be fooled: We’re talking about a versatile sink that moonlights as a champagne bath. 2019 is bringing it in kitchen ideas.
  5. No more traditional hardware. Or, none at all. Clients agonize over hardware: “Does it match the rest of the house? Must it match the rest of the house?” We’re seeing less gold and silver, and more organic materials like leather, as well as streamlined inset handles and cutouts.
  6. Broken-plan living. You’ve heard of open floor plans, but the latest iteration is merging hard-working, multi-purpose furniture that easily blends kitchen and living, with leveled, asymmetrical layouts and room-defining dividers. Yeah. It’s complicated, but very, very cool.

There’s more. Like, one-material counters, backsplashes, and shelves. Statement hoods. Free-standing islands. And we can’t forget the addition of glass walls and doors. Clients are loving connecting their kitchens to outdoor spaces.

We could do this all day. And, we do. Come see us for your free consultation and let’s get started on a kitchen fit for 2019 and beyond.