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Bringing the Indoors Out

Should the Best Seat in the House Be Outside the House?

You’ve heard the suggestion a million and two times: “You’ve got to bring the outside in.” It’s a solid design concept. We can all benefit from full-view windows, natural flooring, colors that match the most beautiful beach landscape, or vibrant plants bringing life to our indoor inspiration.

But what about adding some inside elements to your outdoor space? At Debowsky Design Group, we love increasing the useable square footage of our clients’ homes and businesses. As one of Miami’s leading architecture and interiors firms, we know what’s possible, how to build it best, and all the ways to make it reflect your style seamlessly.

We’re happy to share a few ideas with you, and even happier to help you as soon as you’re ready to expand your space beyond your back door.

  • A well-designed outdoor space is well-defined. We routinely ask our clients, “How do you envision spending time in this area?” Answers range from leisurely coffee-sipping mornings to sunset-viewing dusks, and a variety of activities in between. That’s exactly where we begin our design process.
  • Your patio is not the catch-all spot for all the furniture that doesn’t quite fit indoors. In fact, the very best outdoor spaces elicit the same comfort levels and aesthetics as those inside, with exquisite all-weather fabrics, imported tiles, evolved lighting, and covetable cabinetry.
  • It’s not just about the décor. We’re architects, too, which means we’re intent on adding a structure that merges harmoniously with your home, and also brings beauty and interest to it. Think columns, separate private outposts, and stunning water and topiary features.
  • Consider what your home is missing, and then make room for it outside. Did you skip the function-driven rec room in favor of a more formal area? We can create a veritable fun house out back. Are you craving a larger entertaining area? We’ve built outdoor kitchens complete with pizza ovens, dishwashers, and stunning storage for serving ware, as well as multiple dining areas for large groups in an open-air, climate controlled setting. We’ve even created a swim-up bar for a client who wanted to recreate his favorite beach getaway!
  • Plan for the future. Your outdoor needs will change with your family’s lifestyle. Forecasting those changes is one of our specialties. Tech-wise, make sure your backyard is just as connected as your indoor living areas; we can make it easy to control lighting, sprinklers, and cooling systems from your smart phone or touchpad.

With just a little planning and a lot of brilliant design work, anything’s possible – even all the comforts of the indoors while you’re enjoying the great outdoors. Because at Debowsky Design Group, we take the saying “Beauty begins in our own backyard” to heart. Call us now to break ground on your own private oasis.



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