…a house is not a home until you love where you live…

Celebrating the American Dream at Home

The perfect Fourth of July celebration looks different to everyone. For many, the day wouldn’t be complete without a parade. Others might go for an elaborately carved watermelon, corn on the cob, a smoky grill, and all the neighbors in attendance. And what better end to a perfect day than the best fireworks show of the year?

The same goes for timeless design. We all approach it differently. Just look at your home; it should reflect your unique personality, much like the perfect celebrations you dream of hosting.

Every Independence Day, we reflect on what it means to achieve our own versions of the American Dream. For many, it’s all about the opportunity to be successful in business and in life. Others believe that life in America is better and richer and fuller for everyone, no matter their country of origin.

At Debowsky Design Group, we never miss an opportunity to celebrate, and we certainly are thankful to play a part in building our clients’ dream homes. (We also enjoy parades and fireworks.) If you’d love for your home to reflect your family’s hopes and vision for the future, we’ve got a few ideas.

  • Baby, you’re a firework. Make ‘em go “Oh, oh, oh!” A little Katy Perry for those dreaming that their homes cause everyone who walks through the front door to gasp and know they’re in for some serious fun. In terms of design, this means creating an organic flow from room to room, with continuous visibility of each other as well as the outdoor scene. It may also mean a ping pong table hand-crafted from walnut that doubles as a dining room table. Because the family that plays together…
  • Be our guest. Are you craving more space? Do you need just one more room to welcome out-of-town loved ones without setting up sleeping bags? We can help you. We’re experts in both reconfiguring existing layouts and creating seamless additions to open up your home.
  • Raise the roof. Look up. What’s the current state of the roof over your head? Ask yourself if it’s still energy efficient and workable, look for leaks and cracking, and determine whether you’d like a refresher for the ceiling while you’re at it: new fans, maybe some rafters, or even a more detailed design.
  • Home, safe home. Helen Rowland once wrote “Home is any four walls that enclose the right person,” and we couldn’t agree more. Our team specializes in working within budgets to ensure your home is the most secure structure to keep everyone inside as protected as can be, no matter if it’s hurricane season or just another Wednesday afternoon. You can count on us.

So while you’re letting freedom ring and watching fireworks in the air, think about whether your home inspires the same intense feelings of a summertime celebration. Does it make you smile? Does it make your heart beat a little faster? Does it make you sigh with contentment that you’re exactly where you belong? That’s our goal here at Debowsky Design Group. We’re pretty sure it’s yours, too.

Happy Birthday to America. And Happy Home to you.



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