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Design Decisions Our Clients Never Regret


The projects that always pay off

Regret is an unavoidable part of life, isn’t it? We regret the little things, like buying those expensive shoes a half size too small or opting out of the lottery on the one day it hits all our lucky numbers. Big things are more difficult to forget, like not buying stock in Google back in the day or forgetting an important wedding anniversary. (Aren’t they all?)

At Debowsky Design Group, we don’t believe in home design regrets. In our experience, unfortunate outcomes are completely avoidable with skill, foresight, and hard-earned industry experience. Plus, we are big believers in maintaining open and immediate communication with our clients, so we’re collectively able to work through any ideas that might feel right today, but not so right in a few years.

Take Risks, Leave Regrets

So, when it comes to your home or office – it’s imperative to capture your own intentions, experiences and, well, vibe. As such, we’re all about helping you to take a leap of faith and making a risky, edgy decision – especially when we know it will pay off in the end. At the same time, we’re here to help pare it back when needed.

Below are a few things we’ve learned over the years:

Merge trends with timeless design.

We love change, fresh ideas and advances in technology. But we also know, after years of creating design that cannot be dated, that a well-planned blend of yesterday and tomorrow brings about the most loved, and used, spaces.

A kitchen should match your cooking style.

We know, we know – renovating your kitchen is no easy feat. But when you look at the big picture – it’s a short-term bit of madness that results in a space that can change the entire experience in your space. When your kitchen reflects you – the payoff of a renovation is always outstanding and life changing. If your family are big foodies – then getting the right range, island and placement for all your appliances may be the golden ticket you’ve been waiting for. Homes with updated, beautiful kitchens are more likely to hold joyful get-togethers and cultivate healthy lifestyles and relationships. (In our experience, that is!)

Timeless white is always in style.

It’s the one color that ages well, defies trends du jour, and is simple to accessorize with personal touches. White is, perhaps, the most timeless shade for both your kitchen and your bathrooms. However, it’s critical to note that if you’re not feeling the white, listen to your gut and we’ll help create a room that will truly speak to you!

Go natural.

When it comes to lighting the space in your home or office, we’re big fans of maximizing the natural lighting. Everyone always talks about bringing the outside in and for good reason. Natural light is the best décor accessory in any space, as it gives off ever-changing warmth and creates a fluid, optimistic ambiance. And, keep in mind, daylight enhances productivity!

Raise the roof.

Yeah, we said it. When it comes to growing your space – look upwards and outwards. By increasing your ceiling height or room sizes, your space can instantly feel exponentially larger. Five bedrooms and four baths are wonderful if they’re perfectly suited to your family’s needs. But what if we reconfigured your space and created three spacious bedrooms and three spa-like bathrooms? At Debowsky Design, we also encourage our clients to rethink the floor plans: can they expand, up or out, and would the flow be better if the dining room became the family room? Or perhaps the home office is dying to become the close of your dreams. There are so many ways to expand and reinvent your home’s usable square footage.

Ask us how to make easy design alterations to your home to turn it into one that will still thrill you when you walk through the front door, even ten years down the road. At Debowsky Design, our work is all about helping our clients fall back in love with their homes, one room at a time. May we suggest starting in the kitchen?




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