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Free Design Services Will Cost You

3 Reasons Why One-Stop Shops Aren’t the Best Choice

We’ve probably all heard the offer while wandering the tile aisle at the local home improvement store – “Included in the kitchen renovation package is our completely free design service!” It sounds like an amazing deal, doesn’t it? See, the renovation hasn’t even begun and we’re already exhausted. We’re arguing over countertop and cabinet pairings, debating stainless or black matte appliances, and are subway tiles still a thing? Oh, yes, this offer of bundling services and tackling most of our to-do list seems like the best thing we’ve heard all week.

Cough. It might not be the best thing. Cough.

As an architectural and interior design team, there are a few reasons why we encourage Debowsky Design Group clients to avoid built-in complimentary services. Here are three:

  1. Integrated services tend to be cookie-cutter. They have a system in place that was approved by corporate: Simply fill out a questionnaire to select the room(s) you’re interested in designing, choose from a list of design packages, and then pick from a seemingly wide array of in-store resources and supplies. But what if you want a light fixture that’s only found in Venice – California or Italy – or an appliance that’s not a preferred store vendor? Suddenly, completely free design sounds completely basic. And that’s not how you want your pricey renovation to look.
  2. Does the design match the rest of your home? One of the smartest reasons to enlist the services of an architectural and interior design firm like Debowsky Design Group is that we consider the room as it relates to the home. Sure, you want a new kitchen, but have you considered reconfiguring the current layout to take advantage of the view, opening up the wall blocking the living area, and merging it with your unused dining room? We have. Let us show you what’s possible.
  3. There are a lot of moving parts in a renovation, so it can be difficult when the helpful in-store team stays in-store. The measurements are usually performed by a third-party, as are delivery and installation. We’ve had clients call us in a panic to complete a job that was delayed for months because of a supplier not fulfilling their order, their in-store contact quit, or the delivery team caught a plumbing problem but just shrugged and said, “It’s not our problem.”

That’s not the way we do business here at Debowsky Design Group. Our team performs site visits until your job is perfect. We catch problems long before they become problems. And, hey. We’re locals. We’re not going anywhere.

If you’re interested in free services, call us. We’ve got a completely free consultation at your home, on your schedule, to discuss all the possibilities for your renovation.




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