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Hardscape vs. Landscape and Why You Need Both

When you live in Paradise, like we do here in Miami, it’s not uncommon to want to spend most of your time outside. Especially, if that outside can offer a delectable respite from the “tropical toastiness” that we have grown to love while also making you feel like your backyard could give Fairchild Botanical Garden a run for its money. 

Designing an inviting outdoor space at home is about striking a balance between nature and the lifestyle you want to cultivate outdoors. 

When thinking about the best way to design or re-design your outdoor space, it is important that you strike a balance of hardscape and landscape elements. 

Hardscape and Landscape for Beginners

Landscape makes up the lush, green, and colorful growth like grass, flowers, shrubs, and trees. Think: softer textures and organic shapes. These are likely the first things that come to mind when you think about how you want your space to feel. 

Hardscape provides framing and containment of your landscaping. It is all the hard, non-living elements such as bricks, pathways, walls, patios and, of course, pools. The harder textures don’t have to seem severe though. Organically shaped patios and curving retaining walls look both modern and luxe.

Benefits of Adding Hardscaping to Your Outdoor Design

What’s one key benefit for adding more hardscape into your outdoor design? For starters, there’s less maintenance. Hardscaped areas will require very little of your time, so you get to spend more time enjoying yourself and less time mowing the grass.

A gently curved walkway is a great way to avoid damage to your landscaping in high traffic areas. As a bonus, it can also help make your backyard feel like your own private getaway.

When we can, we want to take water availability and conservation concerns into consideration when designing outdoors. More hardscape features mean less water usage. A flagstone sitting area with a pergola is a great way to create a comfy outdoor living space while helping you save water without sacrificing any of your plants.

Harsh weather is always on our horizon and well-placed hardscaping can help protect your property by controlling soil erosion, helping to improve drainage, and manage run off.

Landscape Elements Allow for More Flexibility

We know how it is, you love the stability of hardscaping but it’s fun to change up the feel of your space. This is where landscape elements can really shine! Perennials provide beautiful color in their time but will need to be replaced seasonally. 

Shrubs and trees can be expected to be with you long-term. As they continue to grow you will enjoy watching their changes. They provide excellent shade for you to enjoy and to protect your grass and smaller plants. 

Achieving Balance of Hardscape and Landscape Elements

Going heavy on landscaping can end up looking overgrown. However, too much hardscaping feels less homey and inviting. Whether we’re working with a small or large area we can always find room for hard and soft elements.

Finding the right balance will make your space enjoyable for years to come. It will also go a long way to creating the kind of curb appeal your real estate agent will thank you for when the time comes to sell!

We will work with you to make the most of your space with the best balance of hardscape and landscape designs. Reach out to us today, your oasis awaits!