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How Smart is Your Home? Is It Saving You Money?

The Jetson’s was set in 2062, and while we’re not preeminent technologists, we don’t think the future they promised will be here by then.

That being said, there is some pretty cool technology you can build into your home now and you don’t have to wait 39+ years for it.

Make Smart Home Technology More Than a Gimmick

While we love getting the newest tech gadgets as the next person, the tech we can’t part from is the little things that make life easier, saves time, and allows you to focus on the important things.

Two of our favorites are quite simple: having an app that can manage both the garage and the front door. Is it life-changing? No, but not having to wonder 10 minutes after you leave the house if you locked up or left the door wide open provides a certain peace of mind.

Similarly, smart plugs are simple installs that allow you to turn anything you plug in into a smart device. You can schedule lamps and decorative lights to turn on and off on a schedule or turn them off remotely when the kids forget… again. Nowadays there are even plugs with energy saver features in their app to help you find which things are using the most energy unnecessarily.

Upgrade Your Basics

If you don’t already have a smart thermostat now is the time to make that upgrade – a good one will reduce your AC bill by more than its cost in the next 12 months. And if you bought a first generation Nest, consider checking out the features against the newer models – you might want to upgrade.

Installing a smart security system can provide a larger boost than just a discount on your property insurance (though that’s welcome too). Options such as SimpliSafe now have water leak detectors. Knowing as soon as there is water where there shouldn’t be not only will save you money on repairs, but might prevent you from even having to make an insurance claim. Adding detection tools like that can protect you from massive headaches and unnecessary renovations.

We might not be flying our cars on the space highway yet, but tech-enabled homes are only going to keep getting better. When you’re ready to bring your home into the future and make it the perfect place for your family this decade and the next, give us a call.