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Lessons Learned from Vacation: What You Want to Bring Home with You

Whether your idea of vacation is backpacking through Italy, relaxing on warm-sands in the Bahamas, or road-tripping to a nearby state, travel is an educational experience above all else. Vacation provides the opportunity to not only relax in a new environment, but also to learn about and experience other cultures in an immersive way.

While food, scenery, music, and art are usually the first things that come to mind when you think of a vacation, interior design is a unique, underrated element of vacation.  We are immersed in without always realizing it – from the style of our hotel rooms to the restaurants we dine at, to the colors and textures of the buildings we walk by. 

There’s nary a vacation we take where we aren’t inspired by design. So, what can you bring home with you after a vacation when it comes to interior design trends?

Vibrant Color Schemes

Morocco, India, Turkey, and Mexico put on a visual feast of color and pattern, from hand painted ceramic pottery to exquisite mosaic tile to embroidered textiles to intricately painted walls – we think colorful vibrancy is the perfect inspiration for at-home paint jobs, flooring, and tile design.

Incorporating bold, rich colors from destinations that bring you joy (we see you, Marie Kondo) into your design can be a simple way to refresh your space and bring back memories to soaking in the experiences from your trip. 

Posh, Yet Cozy Minimalism

Many posh hotels around the globe have taken to incorporating the clean lines and look of Japanese minimalism. Inspired by the aesthetic of Japan’s traditional Zen Buddhism, the key elements of Japanese minimalism are simple, subtle, and refined beauty. With a focus on negative space, hardwood flooring and natural lighting are a must. With that being said, you can incorporate fun and cozy flair into a minimalistic home-design. Don’t be afraid to play around with tatami, geometric designs, and low-key bronze lighting.

Timeless Marble 

You can find marble elements in design across the globe. French spa-bathrooms. Italian countertops. Spanish patterns. Bold Middle-eastern walls. Marble is one of the most durable stones out there and it can instantly change the feel of a given space. You can incorporate it into your home in a variety of ways to retain some of your most favorite spaces from your travels. For us, it may just be a larger-than-life spa bathroom – complete with standing tub. For you, it could be the most inviting kitchen with a mixture of textures – raw leather seating against stunning Spanish-marble counters. 

Whatever you decide, we can’t wait to help bring a little bit of the world to your home.