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Meet the Team Behind Debowsky Design Group

Here at Debowsky Design Group we are proud of our team’s unique talents and well-traveled inspiration archives. We’ve seen the beauty of the world and brought it back to Miami. We’re ready to transform and invigorate your space. We can’t wait to introduce you…

Meet Marina

Marina Dias studied Architecture and Urbanism in Sao Paolo at UNIP, interior design at FAAP, and was awarded her masters degree in 1994. Mentored by some of Brazil’s most influential designers, including Esther Giobbi and Vivian Calisse, Marina’s modern and sophisticated aesthetic has touched countless ocean-side tower residences and estates.

We caught up with Marina on a typical Tuesday at the office, and chatted with her about her love of Miami, how Sao Paolo influences her aesthetic, her amazing clients and projects, and more.

Heres what she had to say:

I love Miami!

It is such a vibrant city. The never-ending sunshine, turquoise skies that match the ocean, and the formidable palm trees everywhere you look-it all makes the city a source of light.

I begin my day with a quick cortadito at one of many Cuban coffee shops on my way to the Debowsky offices. I check in, then immediately head out again to a granite showroom in order to meet a new client. We are selecting countertops for her kitchen and master bath, and she can’t quite decide between the final two options.

Decisions, decisions.

I seem to make hundreds every day on behalf of my clients.

There is always a beautiful solution to be found! It just depends on how we look at the problem. I’ve discovered that our clients usually know which option they prefer, even if it’s hidden deep down. When the options are narrowed down to two, sometimes it’s a good idea to move on to other decisions. Twenty minutes later of thinking about other aspects of the project, and the right solution just pops out.

After a successful countertop selection, I mentioned I’d love to show her a backsplash design that reminded me of her style. She gasped when she saw it, and immediately showed me a picture on her phone of the exact same material. There are many moments during the design process when I feel the synergy between my client’s dreams and the gorgeous reality I can deliver. This was one of those moments.

I love designing social, family spaces, and I have an innate affinity for kitchens. After meeting a family, I can imagine their unique flow and cater my design to how they specifically gather. Each family is different, with compelling challenges, unknown frustrations, and distinct needs, and I tend to think of them as a puzzle just waiting to be solved. The feeling I have when the very last piece is perfectly placed is quite exhilarating for us all.

I grew up in Sao Paolo, an overflowing and non-stop atmosphere. It’s a 24-hour pace, with every culture represented in neighborhoods and style and restaurants. Being surrounded by so many different cultures, religions, and backgrounds gave me an education in acceptance and flexibility. And it has been this experience thats made the difference with my client interactions.

I don’t try to change my clients taste; I strive to preserve it.

Another uniquely Sao Paolo impact on my skill set is my experience with intimate spaces. The city is crowded, and space is at a premium, so designing within constraints is integral. Early on, I was forced to learn how to plan and design within a limited space, making sure everything had a purpose and was singularly stunning. Today, the spaces with which I work are often more generous, but I still view each room with the same philosophy, regardless of square footage.

My day gets better with each client interaction.

When I return to the office, I read a note from a client whose project recently closed. It was a bathroom and master closet remodel (intimate spaces are my specialty!) and she wanted to make sure I knew how she felt every time she entered the rooms. “It’s like I’m at a spa!” she wrote. “But best of all, the spa is now my home.” That was very rewarding.

Later in the day, Stuart, Eric, and I went on a field trip to see the latest developed properties and lobbies in Miami. We discussed the details, colors, and how the spaces impacted us from our viewpoint of architects and designers. It was interesting to see our varying perspectives and opinions about the same space. As the firm’s principals, we rarely get the chance to seek out inspiration together, so this was a highly inspiring treat.

Rome, and your new kitchen, wasn’t built in a day.

One thing I really want my clients to know is that creating involves time and patience. The process does not use the fast-forward button, but it relies heavily on pause. It involves a lot of teamwork, a lot of emotions, and a lot of destruction before the rebuild. It’s a lot like a roller-coaster ride, I think.

And in the end, when my clients step off the ride and into their freshly enlivened spaces, there’s usually a sigh of relief and wonder. I’m always left with the very satisfied thought, “We did it.”

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