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Remembering Chip Chiappetta

There are moments to revel in design; the way that spaces can be transformed to add value, increase efficiency and make a great impression on its occupants. On occasion, it is equally as critical to celebrate the design professional, as these are the people behind the work and the creative dreamers of the unbuilt world. Today we honor the latter, as our firm mourns the loss of one of our own.

Chip ChiappettaRaphaele “Chip” Chiappetta passed away this week after an extended struggle in the hospital battling a number of ailments. Chip was the backbone of our organization and our very first employee when the firm began (over six and a half years ago). As many of you read this, you may recall the value that he brought to your project, either through the documents or in dealings with your contractor. For us, he was the voice of reason and a constant influence on our compliance with local and national codes. More importantly, he was a valuable friend and mentor to each member of the team and his unique presence is already missed.

Perhaps it is one of the cruel ironies of springtime to recognize that, amidst all of the new beauty in the world, things can still die. The team at Debowsky Design Group is saddened by the loss of a good friend but strengthened by the memory of his passion for the projects we did together. With that, our work remains as a steadfast commitment to his unwavering legacy; a renewed spirit to honor his memory.

Rest in peace, Chip.



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