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Since you’re here, you’ve probably already asked yourself is whether your project is possible and what it will cost to get it done. The short answer: contact us to schedule a (free) consultation to find out.

The long answer:
As a team of architects and design professionals, there’s literally very little we enjoy more than guiding our clients through the fact-finding analysis so that you can make all the decisions about your home renovation (or new construction) as a well-informed expert.

At Debowsky Design Group, we take pride in our duty to not only manage budgetary concerns with the byzantine building code and zoning provisions that Miami-Dade County (and local municipalities) has to offer, but also to realize the vision you have for your home.

What Makes Us Different

Our process begins with a comprehensive research of the property. A thorough review of as-built documentation, alongside the study of a project survey and elevation study will typically provide many of the guidance needed to engage our team. And although we are experts in the statewide building code – with a heavy influence based on environmental sustainability and resilience to windstorm events – the subtle difference in zoning regulations varies by individual municipality.

We always keep an eye on the impact that substantial renovations have on the overall code compatibility, and we always keep our clients informed of what details we have to do a particular way to get their project on to construction.

We believe that a proactive sensitivity to a project’s timeframe and finances is key for you to enjoy your new home.

And we are also adamant that our clients have an expert as an advocate for them throughout this process. Successful construction projects have realistic expectations of how long things will take – and what it will cost – set from the get-go and have little details built in to shrink the timeline (and the bottom line).

When your project is well planned and thoroughly envisioned, allowing for the consideration of desired details and finishes, the entire process is smoother and gets you moved in to your finished home much more quickly.

So – go ahead and schedule that consultation so that we can get your project started today.




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