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There are four phases for each project: first, we start with a feasibility study to set the ground rules on what is we can do and what the permitting board won’t allow.

Next, we embark on the schematic design. This is where we conceptualize each room and (literally) map out how your home will work. After that, we move on to most people’s favorite step: interior design.

What Interior Design Actually Is

For us, good design is identifying and translating your aesthetic and functional goals into reality. We work together to define, refine, and transform those ideas into a home you’ll never want to leave.

In other words – it’s more than picking out couches.

We often describe it like this: if you turn your home upside down, everything that doesn’t fall out is interior design. Everything that would fall out is décor.

This includes everything from the crown molding to your flooring – and everything (that isn’t behind a wall) that’s in between.

How We Do Interior Design

Our interior design process works hand-in-hand with you from the outset of the project to apply creative and technical solutions that will enhance your quality of life, while adhering to code and regulatory requirements. After all, we’re also architects. We focus on light, sound, and structural factors.

Interior design is the art and science of researching and understanding behaviors in order to create functional spaces that are also aesthetically significant, while interior decoration is the addition of beautiful furnishings and things to adorn a space. So, while an interior designer is qualified to design and decorate a space, a decorator is only trained to, well, decorate.

At Debowsky Design Group, we blend our architectural and interior design education and experience to plan your space from day one with an eye on incomparable design, completely functionality, unique aesthetic, and flawless structural safety.




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