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Remodels & Additions

If you’ve ever looked at a wall in your home and wondered if you really need it or if you can actually have the kitchen of your dreams – you’ve come to the right place.

Whether you’re thinking about moving walls around, designing a brand-new kitchen and bathrooms, or adding another room, we’re here to help you through the entire process while minimizing your stress and maximizing the impact.

Gutting a Home in Miami

You wouldn’t buy a house without looking at it first. You wouldn’t sign on to a business partnership without meeting your partner. And in that vein, you shouldn’t dive into a home remodel or renovation without a consultation with us.

We start with a walk-through of your current home to see how you live. At Debowsky Design Group, we set ourselves apart from other architecture and design firms by providing an honest, in-depth consultation before you get, ahem, in too deep with your big plans for your living or work space.

For example: thinking of adding a fourth bedroom? Let’s talk about it and figure out how exactly how we can make it multi-functional as an office, too, plus fit in a dreamy walk-in closet.

When Not To Remodel Your Home

Part of a good consultation is also about telling the truth. Because adding that fourth bedroom won’t be as simple as adding another room, especially when it comes to codes and zoning.

A fourth bedroom ostensibly means there will be more people living in your home, which translates to a bigger septic tank at $10,000, a higher diameter water line for around $5,000, and a litany of other seemingly invisible but pricey add-ons to ensure safety and city compliance. Like hard-wired smoke detectors in and outside every bedroom, including the new one, costing $300 per room. If your new addition adds more than 25% to your home, you’ll probably need to reroof the entire house, or fully renovate the electrical to meet current requirements.

Ready to talk about how to turn your home into your dream home? Contact us to schedule a consultation.




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