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Ten Renovation Revelations

There comes a moment during any renovation or space creation when a homeowner loses steam. It happens. Disrupting a family’s daily routine can be trying, especially when the refrigerator is relocated temporarily to the foyer, there are 57 backsplash tiles on your short-list, and the installer requires a decision by three o’clock. Yesterday. And did we mention the there’s a bit of a delay on the dining room chandelier?

No matter how orderly the process, no matter how impeccable the planning, there will still be a construction zone in the home for a small stretch of time. But demolition signals progress, and we can assure you after 20 years in this industry and too-many-to-count stunning results it will be worth it in the end.

Here are ten of our best insider tips to help prepare any homeowner for the adventure ahead.

  1. Have a vision, and trust it.

    At Debowsky Design Group, we crave our client’s participation. Our focus is on design within reach and fluid project management, and the importance of a home reflecting those who live there. We want access to your Pinterest and Houzz boards, and well happily take tear sheets from Architectural Digest, but mostly we want to share ideas that make your eyes light up.We trust your vision. We want you to trust it, too.

  2. Be open to our vision.

    Chances are, this may be your first design endeavor. It’s not ours. After thousands of renderings and finished projects, we know what works and, perhaps more importantly, what will work best long-term. We pride ourselves on creating timeless spaces that will grow and transform along with you.

  3. Listen To Your Gut.

    It feels like there are a million shades of white paint. There are. There are also equal numbers of tile and flooring options, light fixtures, and room configurations. We have ways to help you narrow your choices to discover the design that speaks to you. (Yes, paint speaks. You’ll see.)

  4. Don’t be afraid to be bold.

    Select a few bold features that make your heart skip a beat or two. Good design should always delight and surprise you each time you re-enter a space. While we’re never going to recommend to go bold everywhere, we do believe in key pieces that make a statement and really capture your personality, your vision and your life experiences.

  5. Beware of trends on the verge of extinction.

    Open kitchen shelving looks spectacular on Pinterest, as do all-white interiors, color-coded book collections, and statement pieces that may not add much to your home’s daily conversation. Our goal is to create a vibrant, active space that accentuates your lifestyle while you’re busy living it. The key is to utilize design in a way that will allow you to go about your daily life–not something that will have you dusting off the dishes before you serve dinner.

  6. Size matters.

    We call it scale. We never leave home without our architectural and engineering scales. Also, a standard tape measure and a laser measure. We don’t travel light, and for good reason: the chaise that you’ve fallen in love with looks perfect in the showroom, but is overbearing in the den. (Don’t worry – there are plenty more chaises in the sea.)

  7. Set a completion date.

    Make a budget. Stick to both, but keep a reserve of days and funds to accommodate the unexpected.

  8. Take breaks.

    Once you’re happy with your design decisions, step away from the internet. Day-old trends on your favorite design blogs can be adorably irresistible. (Also see, tip number one.)

  9. Decorate with your personality.

    People like you. You’re charming and fun. They smile with relief when they’re seated next to you at dinner parties. You want your home to give off that same vibe. Effortless, welcoming and a breath of fresh air after a long day. Be sure that your home matches you and highlights your best features.

  10. Trust your architect.

    You’ve done your research. You’ve seen our work. You’ve met our team. You’re as excited about our ideas as we are about yours. Now let’s have some fun.



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