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The Biggest Kitchen Trends for 2022

How many times have you looked at your kitchen and thought, “Oh my goodness, I can’t take it anymore!” From the reduced walking space to the 90s tiling, you’re more than likely fed up with the low-functionality and outdated style. We get it. 

Your kitchen should be a reflection of you in every way. It shouldn’t be something that you feel uncomfortable to be in and look at as a big eyesore.  

So, if you’re looking to give your kitchen space a much-needed upgrade, here are a few trends that you will see in 2022. 

1. Minimalist style

Clean lines, streamlined cabinetry, and white everywhere. Modern kitchens will start to channel mid-century Scandinavian design aesthetics this year. Why? People are looking for functional, practical spaces that are also minimalistic in style to create a clean, whittled down look. It’s all about trimming the excess to leave room for a bright, airy, and easy vibe. 

2. Sky High Cabinets  

More cabinets, anyone? Gone are the days of open shelving everywhere. While gorgeous style, they actually provide low-functionality as dust is quick to accumulate on the shelves, plates, pots and pans. Not to mention grease if your open shelves were near the stove top. Closed cabinets are back in vogue and going all the way – to the ceiling that is. We’ve even seen kitchens incorporate some fun swivel ladders to reach the top of those cabinets. 

3. Kitchen hoods

The bigger the hood, the better. Gorgeous, eye-catching hoods are taking center stage in the kitchens this year. From retro-style to big box hoods, to custom shapes and colors that just command attention, the hood is the statement piece every kitchen needs. Added bonus for the fact that its functionality can truly make or break a kitchen. 

4. Push-to-open kitchen cabinets

Who needs handles when you can simply open a cabinet with a gentle push? Switching to push-to-open cabinetry not only enhances a modern look but it also gives a boost to how you interact with the space. Putting away dishes just got a whole lot easier. Finding the spices you need with your hands full? Check.  Being a big conversation starter at your next dinner party? Check, check. 

5. Rich Colors but Tapered 

For those looking to walk away from the bright white kitchens, rich colors are in. Rich paint colors add to the depth and overall appearance of the space and can help set the mood for the whole house. Greens, blues, and even burgundies all look outstanding, especially when paired with natural wood hues.

2022 is going to be a great year for kitchens and a reemergence of styles that have stood the test of time. Give us a call today so that we can get your kitchen up to speed.