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The DDG Home Design Holiday Gift Guide

Tis the season. The season of last-minute shopping, crazed drivers, overzealous holiday party schedules, and extended family members overstaying their welcome. You know the drill, it’s December.  

This year, we wanted to help mitigate as much of that holiday anxiety by sharing with you our go-to holiday gift guide. While we can’t help much with the jam-packed party schedules, we may be able to offer (some) assistance with the in-laws – at least as far as gift giving is concerned. 

Without further ado…

Our Favorite Gift Ideas for the Homebodies You Know and Love 

Hygge it Out: The holiday season is the perfect time to embrace the Scandinavian concept of hygge. Hygge describes the mood of casual comfort, coziness, and togetherness. Anyone on your list who enjoys settling into their (key word, their) living room to relax will be excited to open this organic knit throw – it comes in six colors so finding one to match their style is easy.  

Knotty But Nice: For anyone you know who is weighed down by an overload of cortisol levels (read: super stressed), Bearaby’s Hugget knot pillow is probably the coolest, softest and most thoughtful gift around. It comes in three sizes and delivers therapeutic and sensory stress relief. Bonus points for being sustainably made and stylishly available in a variety of colors. Oh, and it looks so great when just left behind on the couch too!

Did Someone Say Charcuterie? It was us. We said it. While we may just like saying charcuterie, the truth is most hosts love serving up cheese and prosciuttos over and over again. This marble lazy susan from Food52is the perfect, stylish set-up for hosting holiday parties or just a quiet wine night in alone.  

Light It Up: While South Florida is not known for its chilly winters, it can still get cold enough for us locals that the winter jackets get to be used at least twice during the season. For those who may like to soak up the 70 degree winter weather to the fullest, a smokeless fire pit may be a great option. Brio is known for making an outstanding quality product and it’s pretty easy to unbox, set-up and s’more away.  

A Soft Cleanse: Bathroom style can be seriously upgraded with just a simple towel exchange. Parachute Home’s Fouta Bath Bundle can make that whole “wet towel drying on a hook” look effortlessly chic. If you have anyone on your list who needs to upgrade their ratty old towels or just likes a dash of panache in the loo, this is the gift for them.  

Here’s to the holidays. While they may not always be ‘nice,’ it is definitely still our favorite time of the year. Wishing you and yours a safe, fun, and anxiety-free season.