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What HGTV Forgot to Tell You

Fact vs. Fiction on Our Favorite Home Design Shows

Watch one episode of any home renovation show on our all-time favorite HGTV, and you’re instantly compelled to repaint all the walls, knock out that so-not-you kitchen backsplash, and wouldn’t a steam shower be lovely? It can’t be that hard, you try to convince yourself. After all, the Property Brothers did all that and more in less than an hour. You’ve got the entire weekend; there’s probably time to create an open-concept flow from the kitchen to the living room. That pesky wall can’t be too important, right?


At Debowsky Design Group, we know the reality of renovations. More importantly, we know how to manage them so that the process energizes our homeowners, engages them in the remodel, and excites them to live in a home they’ll soon love even more.

Here are a few key concepts to know before heading into a renovation:

  • Failing to plan is planning to fail. It starts with the corner of your bathroom wallpaper, and before you know it you’ve borrowed a sledgehammer from the neighbor. Please don’t demo that wall until you’ve consulted us; we’ve got some amazing ideas for that steam shower that don’t involve a load-bearing wall crashing the party.
  • Slow and steady wins the race. We routinely schedule our renovations in phases to make it easier on the families involved, because we realize it’s hard to live in and love a home when there are no working bathrooms and the kitchen is gutted.
  • Decisions, decisions. In a perfect HGTV episode, you’d choose new cabinets and counter tops, fresh wall colors, and flooring in ten minutes or less. Not so fast. Take time with your choices. Select colors and materials that will appeal to your taste today and ten years from now.
  • Trust your architect and designer. We know how to maximize your home’s value while minimizing your renovation costs. Our expertise ranges from choosing the right paint type to understanding structural options and zoning requirements, as well as securing permits.
  • Double your expectations. Yes, the renovation might take longer to complete when unexpected issues or delays arise. Yes, the renovation might cost more than originally budgeted, especially when adding more components to the project. (Like a splash pool in which to cool off after your steam.) But, most importantly, the renovation will make you twice as elated with your decision to improve your home.

One more thing. It goes without saying that, while our architects and designers dress pretty sharp, they may not show up on site ready for their close-ups like the hosts on HGTV. At Debowsky Design Group, we like to get our hands – and shoes and pants and jackets – a little dirty.

Remember: great design doesn’t happen in an hour. And hiccups aren’t as fun as watching Chip Gaines running through a wall, again. But if you give us a little time along with your trust, all of us at Debowsky Design Group will make your design dreams come to life.



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