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When to Splurge & When to Save on Your Home Renovation

If you’re considering a home renovation, you may be wondering what is worth spending your dollars on now and what you can put on the back-burner until it fits into your budget. Or to put simply – what qualifies as a phase one vs. phase two scenario for your home projects. 

After more than a decade designing residential renovations and new builds in South Florida, we’ve learned a thing or two about what design items are really worth your money and where you can (and should) save to make your budget go the distance where it truly matters. 

Where to Splurge and Where to Save During a Renovation

Splurge – Flooring 

When it comes to ensuring quality and durability, flooring is our top choice for splurging. It covers the most ground in your home (oh yes, pun so very much intended) and is the biggest visual item. One of our design pet-peeves is seeing different flooring in every room of the house. Creating a cohesive, unified flooring can upgrade the entire feel of your house – even if you did nothing else. Also, if you plan on renovating more down the road – it’s best to start with your floors so you don’t have to deal with it again down the road. 

Splurge – Cabinetry 

Ah, the tale of the poorly-done cabinetry. We’ve heard this tragedy told one too many times. Someone hires an inexpensive cabinetry company or individual to redo their kitchen cabinets or bathroom vanities – and they’re left with particle board that rots or flakes off within days of installation. Please, please – if you’re going to splurge – splurge on this. 

Having high-quality cabinets, especially in the kitchen, will be something you never regret. 

Save – Lighting & Ceiling Fans

If you’re looking to save a few pennies, know that lighting and ceiling fans can definitely be put on the renovation back-burner. Unlike more permanent appliances, lighting and can easily be changed, added, or upgraded down the line. Grab a fixture or ten from Home Depot that will do the trick. Then, as you start to live in your space you can get a feel for what type of fixture you really need or want. Save and upgrade in phase two. 

Splurge – Bathroom Fixtures & Showers

Choosing high-quality fixtures for your shower and bathroom will ensure durability and an overall aesthetically pleasing look. Custom-built showers are also a good option to splurge on – this way you can choose textures, tiles, and shapes that are made exactly for your preferences. Having a relaxing haven to retreat to at the end of the day is worth the splurge. No one ever said, “Man, I wish I didn’t upgrade my bathroom.”

Save – Painting

While painting may be a tedious job, it can absolutely be done by yourself, or with a few friends! We recommend getting a few paint samples from your local hardware store and find what color and finish works for you. It may be a bit of hard work, but you’ll save a ton compared to hiring a professional painter. Plus, painting is a fun way to spend your weekend!

At the end of the day, home improvement choices all come down to your preferences and budget. If you have questions about splurging or saving for your renovation, give us a call at 305.495.2751.