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5 Luxe Kitchen Trends You Shouldn’t Go Without

Elegant, custom finishes, and top-notch appliances are just a few priority points many mention when designing a luxury kitchen. It has to be functional yet a little high-brow and come with just the right conveniences to make the kitchen the right fit.

Whether you’re looking for a more modern or traditional look, you can create a luxury kitchen with endless possibilities. It all depends on what suits your fancy.

Here are our favorite kitchen upgrades to get your creative juices flowing and inspire you.

#1 Refrigerated Drawers

A tried-and-true luxe appliance is the drawer refrigerator. Let’s face it, anything that stores food and beverages is highly used and automatically has more worth than most other things within the space. For this reason, a refrigerated drawer is perfect because it can enhance your cold food storage capacity.

Dedicate a drawer for fresh fruit and vegetables, your favorite condiments, and a specially placed drawer for storing juice and after-school treats for your kid.

While this doesn’t replace an upright refrigerator, this can be a customizable addition that can spruce up your space.  Many of these can be built-in to resemble a cabinet or come with a glass outer door that is LED lighted.

#2 Chef Grade Stove and Range

Can a chef really shine without the right tools? Some would say yes; others would say no. Since you are most likely the chef of your domain, give yourself every advantage with only the best tools.

A true gourmet statement, a chef-grade stove, and range is an epicenter for food magic.

Although some can come with dual fuel choices such as gas and electricity or gas and wood fuel, most operate on gas. They also include several range cookers that can usually be converted to an indoor grill.

Top-of-the-line appliance brands can include Wolfe, Dracor, AGA, and Bosche.

#3 Exotic Wood Countertops

Ever thought about using exotic wood for your countertops? If not, you probably should. From appearance to feel, it can add unbelievable character to any kitchen and elevate it from just ok to wow. Show off rich wood grains with these amazing choices.

African mahogany: This broken and figured wood grain displays a ribbon pattern that gives off natural brown to a dark red-brown hue.

Zebrawood: A extremely strong wood, zebrawood has radiant pale brown to black stripes coursing through golden yellow heartwood.

Teak: A well-known exotic wood, teak can come in a wide range of colors from pale yellow to orange-brown.

Caribbean rosewood (Chechen): A beautiful and sophisticated wood option that features grain variations with a color range from tan/golden brown to dark reddish-brown.

#4 Lighting

The right lighting can add a certain indescribable ambiance. When it comes to the kitchen, strategically placed lighting can jump off every corner and illuminate your favorite features in subtle brilliance.

The perfect areas to include lighting are:

Under cabinets

Above cabinets (up lighting for ceiling)

Inside cabinets

Rope lighting underneath the kickboard to create a reflective effect.

Place lights on dimmer and set the mood for every occasion.

#5 Walk-in Pantry

What is a luxury kitchen without a spacious walk-in pantry? Let your luxe pantry include built-in cabinets and drawers and possibly an extra refrigerator or microwave.

Make sure you have a mixture of open and glass door shelves as well to help the space seem clean and spacious. Provide easy storage and access to small appliances that aren’t used every day.

Creating the perfect kitchen takes time and precision. It will always come down to you and your vision, but hopefully, these ideas can get you one step closer to your dream.

Let us know how we can bring your ideas to life!