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7 Easy Decor Ideas to Ready Your Home for Fall

Time to get real – fall isn’t a season in Miami. College Football is a season, seeing our friends and family up north complain about the weather is a season, but fall in Miami is just like the rest of the year.

That being said, when the calendar turns and we know Halloween is in just a few short weeks, it leaves many of us with “fall fever” as we desperately wish for slightly cooler weather.

This can create a decor dilemma as you decide how to make your home just a bit cozier and embrace the changing times.

Luckily, decorating your home for fall doesn’t have to be difficult, nor does it have to cost a lot to get your home in the right mood. 

Here are 7 easy decor ideas to help you get ready just in time for fall.

1) Throws and Warm Glows

There are plenty of ways to jazz up any space and turn it from a summer oasis to a cozy fall motif. Fall accessories are one of them. Small changes can make a big difference and go a long way in fall decor.

While the temperature in your home stays the same, packing away your linen and introducing chunky knitted throws (and a few candles for ambiance) can change your mood. Thicker blankets with texture can add contrast to a couch or be the perfect accent for a chair or chaise.

A warm glow and a few throws can make any home feel cozy and inviting. And after a year of being cooped up, family and friends will be more than excited to invite themselves over for a movie night. (Hopefully, You’ve Got Mail)

2) Pumpkins on the Front Stoop

When pumpkin spice everything shows up at Starbucks, pumpkin patches cannot be far behind. Adding some orange to your front stoop does wonders to building a mindset as we enter our home and does a wonderful job setting the stage…even if it’s still 85 out. 

3) Let Fall Leaves Flow Throughout

It doesn’t matter if the leaves don’t turn – Pottery Barn has plenty of artificial options to choose from. Picking up a few artificial maple branches in browns, reds, and yellows to put in vases around your house puts the entire ‘season’ front and center.

Showcase fall foliage, like beautiful autumn leaves and you’ll be surprised how it changes a room.

4) Aromatic Oils

One of the most under-recognized genius aspects of Disneyworld is their use of aromas – while we rarely consciously think about it, scents are one of our strongest psychological cues.

You can use this to fall-ify your home.

For essential oils, we particularly like the Vitruvi Diffuser – it’s small, it’s aesthetically better than everything else out there, and it works well. And there are countless oils for fall: from cardamom and cedarwood to orange and nutmeg.

5) Light It Up

Speaking of warm hues, never underestimate the power of lighting. A gentle glow can transform a room that seemed rather harsh into a quiet space that everyone wants to be in. So, for this season, think about swapping out harsh light bulbs for softer ones or more candles.

Even better – take a look at Hue lights. You can adjust the brightness/warmness of the light in your home from an app.

P.S. Don’t forget that string lights are a totally acceptable lighting option that not only accomplishes a warmer feel but also adds a bit of personality.

6) Stop and smell the, well, candles.

Candles are the obvious fall choice and can add a lot of things to a space (hence, we’ve mentioned them a few times already). However, we simply cannot over-stress how candles can instantly be the remedy to making a room more fall-like and even beckon in the smell of the season.

Even if you are in the beginning stages of redecorating your important gathering spaces, a candle can instantly turn a summery vibe into a sensory-pleasing fall scene.

Think: apple cider, cinnamon chai, and everyone’s favorite…pumpkin spice.

7) Mix In Prints

Nothing sings the song of spring and summer, quite like floral patterns and bright colors. Fall however, likes to make its own statement. Invite patterns like plaid or thick stripes into your home and focus on solids and neutrals. This alone will naturally tell a seasonal tale that every guest will enjoy.

We’d love to support your vision and get your home in the autumn feels. How can we help?