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The 5 Modern Styles of Bathroom Vanities You Should Know About

Are you in the market to give your bathroom an upgrade? One of the best ways to achieve this is by upgrading your vanity. Believe it or not, this one change can take a drab, uninviting, down-right depressing situation of a bathroom and turn it into a space that has charm, character, and pizzaz. Here are our top 3 recommendations for the perfect vanity. 

1. Floating

What makes a floating vanity different? It is directly mounted onto the walled surface in your bathroom. That means that it can seamlessly fit into places a traditional vanity could not and take up less space. A more modern approach to a classic piece is what you’ll get with a floating vanity, and did we mention that there is no floor action? Nothing is touching the floor with this type of vanity.

2. Vessel

Imagine you’re inside a fancy restaurant bathroom. You will typically find a vessel vanity there. This vanity includes a rising bowl around the sink that protrudes from the rest of the vanity and features its own tap. While it can also include storage at the bottom, it has a fancier look than other storage vanities.

3. Cabinet-Style

Beadboard bathroom vanities are a classical option that has never really expired in popularity. A high-storage option for those that need their bathroom to be functional and practical, you will have enough space for all of your bathroom must-haves. 

Supporting most types of sinks (except for pedestal sinks), it is available in many styles to suit your bathroom desires. 

The options are limitless when it comes to vanities, and there are a million ways to personalize a vanity to make it your own. Give us a ring so that we can design the perfect bathroom space for you!