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What You Need to Know About Wood Tile Flooring

Wood is a tried-and-true option for most flooring. It is classic and can add character to any space that it graces. However, wood is not always the most cost-effective for those on a budget. Nor is it the most sensible option depending upon lifestyle, pets and more.

That is where wood-look tile comes into play. It is a wonderful alternative if you’re still looking for the look of wood, but want something a bit more comfortable for your pockets and durable for the kids!

If you aren’t sure if wood tiling is the right option for your home, keep reading to see the pros and cons of this type of tile.

The Wood Tile Rundown: The Pros & Cons of Wood Look Tiles

The Upside

While many people would be quick to call wood-like tiles the green alternative to actual wood, that is not necessarily 100% true. They are more environmentally-friendly than many other types of flooring that you might typically find in homes. Did you know that tile flooring can be recycled thanks to it containing no plastic or adhesives. Some products may even have recycled material already included.

Wood tile, or tile that is designed to look like wood, can also be a less expensive alternative to actual wood flooring, and can even last a lot longer – especially in humid climates like South Florida.

Lastly, it is easy to clean, so kids, pets, and the messiest of people are still no match!

The Downside

The biggest difference to note is the feel underfoot and its sound. Without an exceptionally amazing heat system, wood tile is not particularly warm, and it can also be a bit slicker than wood, especially when wet. While the cool feel isn’t so much of a problem in Miami, the slippery nature of tile is more of a burden. And yet, there are a few ways to alleviate this with special surface treatments and textures.

All in all, wood tile can be a quick install and add an increase in resale value for your property if done with a professional eye. Give us a call today, so that we can help!