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What You Need to Know About Engineered Wood Floors

Is it true that engineered wood floors are taking over little by little? The straight answer, slowly but surely.

It’s not like real wood could ever go out of style, but engineered wood offers a few special perks that actual wood can’t compete with.

Here are a few things to consider if you’re on the market for engineered wood.

What It’s Not

Let’s start with what engineered wood is not. For starters, it is not laminate, vinyl plank, or even “wannabe wood” (even though some would wholeheartedly claim it is). It is unique because it has a top veneer layer of real, genuine hardwood often applied to a core (like plywood). While it ranges in thickness, it is anything but “fake” and does not merely imitate the look of a well-polished hardwood.

The Strength Makes the Difference

How is engineered wood made, you ask? By bonding layers of hardwood, plywood, and lumber, this wood is stronger and more durable than its counterparts for a solid core.

Stability Breeds Accessibility

Engineered wood is not run-of-the-mill (as you’re discovering), and that is what makes it more stable and suitable for literally every floor of your house. So, even levels like the basement that are notorious for higher humidity and wetness, engineered flooring is a worthy opponent. 

Engineered Flooring is as Green as it Comes

Here’s a figure for you: for every one square foot of 3/4 inch thick solid wood flooring, you could manufacturer four times that amount if you used engineered wood instead. According to the Engineered Wood Flooring Association, “Engineered wood can be manufactured from fast-growing, underutilized, and less expensive wood species in privately managed forests. That helps safeguard older forests.”

It Costs Less (Generally)

Depending on the product, most of the time, engineered hardwood costs about half as much as solid hardwood.

Have questions about engineered wood and if it’s right for your new home? Get in touch with our expert design team. We could talk wood all day long.