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Prefab vs. Custom Bathroom Vanities

A great man once said that the best things in life deserve a custom touch. While we’re not exactly sure who said it (or if we might have made that one up), the statement reigns true time after time.

Whether prefab or custom, beautiful vanities never go out of style. While both ways are a wonderful way to add an extra customized flair to your bathroom, there is a difference between the two.

The Showdown between Pre-fab and Custom Vanities


Right out of the gate is the first contender, custom vanities. A custom vanity can include those that come from a custom-crafted woodworking or cabinetry shop. It can also be that the vanity is entirely custom-made for you by a personal contractor.

Custom vanities are also typically separated into four parts that more than likely need to be purchased separately and built on site.

So, what exactly are the four parts?

1. The vanity base

2. The countertop & backsplash

3. The sink

4. The hardware (knobs & pulls)

These pieces come with their own set of four installation steps that include:

1. Custom painting or staining the base –> Painter

2. Installing the base & any additional hardware –> Contractor/Carpenter

3. Fabricating a countertop, backsplash, and installing it on top of the base –> Stone Fabricator

4. Installing sink & plumbing fixtures –> Plumber

The next question on your mind? What is the price point for a custom? Usually, a custom vanity can cost about twice as much as a prefab vanity because there are simply more subcontractors involved in making and installing the vanity. Plus, you will often be responsible for purchasing the materials separately from various vendors (vanity base, countertop, sink, & hardware).


On the other hand, prefab vanities, come put together and ready to go (meaning they just need to be installed). These vanities typically offer you a variety of pre-selected vanity base colors and stains, countertop materials, sinks, and hardware finishes. All you have to do is select your choices, and the vanity will get built by the manufacturer and shipped right to your doorstop for easy installation.

However, our favorite part of the prefab journey is that most bathrooms can be designed around one, so you can get as much bang for your buck by not having to pay for a custom vanity. You just need to begin with a standard vanity size when laying out your bathroom.

Need a little extra insight into selecting your next vanity? Let us know how we can help you!