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New Construction

The thought of building a brand-new house – your very own blank canvas with endless design possibilities – is pretty thrilling. But when you start to think about not only what you want in your dream home today, but also what you will want 20 year from now, it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

That’s where we come in.

Whether you’ve found the perfect plot of land, are intent on upsizing in style, or are just ready for a redo – we’ve got your back. We work hard to ensure you can take advantage of our experience and tackle a big project like building a new home from scratch.

Building a Home From Scratch in Miami

In South Florida, it seems to be more the rule than the exception to try and bypass hiring an architect when looking to embark any kind of remodel or reconstruction to your home.

But, when you’re looking to build your dream home, the architect (even if you don’t end up hiring us) isn’t just a line item – they keep you within your budget and keep you headache-free throughout the construction process.

Your architect will not only help you think about how your home should fit your lifestyle, but also how it will change over the years. On top of that, a good architect will navigate your project through the permitting process to ensure that it’s smooth sailing – including making sure that your general contractor is building your new home precisely the way you envision it.

New Construction: Not Just Paint Chips and Pretty Backsplashes

Trust us, we get it: it’s the little things that make a huge difference. That’s why we care about how we can maximize natural light in your home based on your plot of land while at the same time figure out ways we can keep your a/c bill down.

Some building professionals only want to build their style of homes, and that’s okay. It’s just not how we do business at Debowsky Design Group. From our totally free consultation and initial plans, our intent is to give you the home of your dreams…not ours. We’ve already built our dream homes. It’s your turn now.

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