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5 Things to Expect with New Construction

The thought of building a brand-new house that is custom-designed just for you is pretty thrilling. It’s your very own blank canvas and the design possibilities are endless.

At Debowsky Design Group, our goal is to ensure that the process of diving into a new construction build for your new home is nothing short of, well, a dream. Whether you’ve found the perfect plot of land, are intent on upsizing in style, or are just ready for a redo – we’ve got your back. We work hard to ensure our clients have the utmost experience in tackling a big project like building a new home from scratch.

For us, we know it’s not just about the destination. The journey plays a large part in your experience when it comes to a renovation, remodel or new construction project.

If you’re ready to take on the big project – here are six things to consider when you’re building new:

  1. Get thee to an architecture firm. In South Florida, it seems to be more the rule than the exception to bypass hiring an architect when looking to embark any kind of remodel or reconstruction to your home. But when you’re going big – and we mean BIG – it’s imperative that you start your process with an experienced architect. To be completely honest, even if you’re going small – and we mean SMALL – you should still consult an architect. Remember: Our team offers a no obligation, completely free initial consult, so there’s no reason to skip this tip.
  2. Think About the Future. Life changes over time. Friends may come over more often for dinner, new pets are added to the family, the in-laws move in and the kids head off to college. A lot can happen in five years, not to mention twenty. Be sure to allow for growth and transitions, especially if you want to someday sell your space. As architects and designers, we’ve got lots of ideas to make your home unique while still appealing to your future selves and/or future dwellers.
  3. It’s not all paint chips and pretty backsplashes. Keep a close eye on the details like your HVAC and energy-efficient options. Since our team is Miami-based, we love designing plans with south-facing windows to take advantage of natural light, and correctly-sized HVAC systems to guard against moisture issues and devastating mold. It’s the little things that make a huge difference.
  4. Understand the timeframe. Planning takes time, as does permit-filing and all the other details we handle, and then comes the actual build. But forget what you’ve heard: there are ways to get big projects done in the time-frame discussed. Sure, rain throws a wrench in any plans, but it’s important that Floridians plan around hurricane season and off-peak building schedules.
  5. Know Your Budget: Like any construction project, building a new home does in fact cost money. But that’s why it’s important to get a reliable quote and budget plan from your architect and other vendors so that you can plan ahead, know your budget and stick to it. At Debowsky Design Group, we work to ensure everyone involved stays on track and on-budget – it’s part of our whole “we’ve got your back” mentality.
  6. It Is All About You. Some building professionals only want to build their style of homes, and that’s okay. It’s just not how we do business at Debowsky Design Group. From our totally free consultation and initial plans, our intent is to give you the home of your dreams…not ours. We’ve already built our dream homes. It’s your turn now.

Our last piece of advice is to try to enjoy the process. There may be difficult days and many moments of indecision, but we are here for you to make the process easier and exciting. You can rely on our expertise.

Let’s get started on your dream home. Call us anytime at Debowsky Design Group. We are always free for you. (No, really. Our initial consult is free.)




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