…a house is not a home until you love where you live…

Homework to Make Your Home Work

How to Make the Most of Your Design Consultation

Did you know that Debowsky Design Group offers all our potential clients a free consultation to discuss the viability and range of options for your next home project? This concept is one of our founding principles, one of the main reasons we’ve earned our top-tier reputation, and the basis for the long-standing, trusted relationships we’ve made in our community.

And it usually all begins with an astonished, “Free? You’ve just spent an hour at my home, explaining everything that’s possible…and it’s free?”

It sure is. We make it easy to decide on the design dreams that will make your house like no place else on Earth. Like we always say, a house is not a home until you love where you live.

Want to make the most out of your design consultation? We’re going to give you some homework. (Get it?)

Here are three things to consider before we meet each other:

  1. We want to know who you are. We bring our talents and expertise from the years of other projects we’ve designed and built, but we want to be sure we tailor our experience to your specific likes and dislikes. Are you relaxed, or more formal-leaning when it comes to design? Colorfully bohemian, or eggshell white? Patterns, textures, classic, trendy, or all of the above? Sporty with loads of equipment, musical with loads of instruments, or studious with loads of books? Do you all gravitate to the kitchen no matter how crowded it can get?
  2. We want to know how you’re planning on living in this new and improved space. In order to achieve this, we need to know how you and yours spend your time together…AND separately. Are you a young family hoping to add more space…and a little parental privacy? Empty nesters excited to entertain friends…and new grandchildren? Or maybe the updates you want are eco-friendlier and energy-saving in nature. We can handle it all.
  3. We want to know how you want your home to look at the end of all this. Interior design has taken over almost every social platform, and there’s no shortage of design inspiration out there. Rather than us showing you what we like in a home, we’d rather see what’s moving you to screenshot, heart, and repost. Don’t overthink your choices; just bring us the stuff that makes your heart beat faster no matter how much time elapses.

On our end, we’ll be listening and observing, considering building codes and restrictions, and expanding your ideas with our experience. All the while, we’ll keep our eye on your budget. It’s this attention to the details that keeps our clients talking about their experience with us – even years after they’ve moved in. And hopefully very soon, you will, too.

Drop us a line at Debowsky Design Group to schedule your in-home consultation. For you, we’re always free.




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