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7 Easy Style Ideas to Get Your House Ready for Fall

The fall season aesthetic seems to be a concept created by a visitor’s bureau somewhere in the northeastern part of the country. Fall in Miami means balmy weather, coastal breezes, the departure of summer vacationers and the arrival of the Snowbirds. If you want to embrace the pumpkin-spiced, orange forward vibe go for it. Nothing wrong with that. However, if you’re looking for less mainstream ways to style your South Florida home for autumn we’re here with some suggestions. Even if your leaves won’t change your home can be a warm and welcoming retreat that embraces the beauty of autumn. 

Make Your Front Porch Pop

An eye-catching autumn porch doesn’t have to include pumpkins or haystacks. Sunflowers and mums bring great fall vibes, too. Add a sunflower wreath to your front door. Tall containers filled with mums in gold, orange, and red are perfect for the season, but still bright and cheerful.

Warm Up Your Color Palette

Adding warmer tones to your interior brings the fall vibes in even when it’s still warm outside. Throw pillows and lightweight (but still cozy) blankets in warm colors coordinate well with neutrals or breezy coastal color schemes. If you’re up for a bigger change consider choosing an accent wall to repaint in a warm or earthy tone. Terracotta shades warm up any space and look great all year.

Add Textured Layers

As the days get shorter the nights feel cozier. Lean into fall with layered textures. Plush rugs, and chunky knit throws add depth and comfort to your home. Add velvet or even fluffy fur covers to your decorative pillows. The more different textures you combine the richer the effect both in visual interest and tactile appeal. 

Seasonal Centerpieces & Accessories

Centerpieces don’t have to just be for a formal dining area. Coffee tables, side tables, TV stands can all be great places to add some seasonal flair. Creating your displays on a simple tray makes it easy to move them out of the way when needed. 

Create Some Cozy Spaces

Look for places where you can rearrange your existing furniture to create cozy spots to read a book or relax with a game on your phone. Shift a comfy club chair to get light from a window. Add a soft throw blanket, a side table for a cup of coffee, and a throw pillow. Don’t be surprised if it quickly becomes the favorite spot for everyone in the house.

Add Natural Elements

Mini pumpkins are always a go-to autumn element. If you want a different look, choose white pumpkins or gourds. A bowl filled with apples and pears is equally great for fall and brings a less typical color palette to the table. A vase of sunflowers is another way to add some seasonal nature to your interior.

Candlelight Ambiance & Warm Lighting 

Lighting with a warm tone can change the entire feel of your space. Replace bright white bulbs with warm white instead. This will warm up the ambiance without sacrificing utility. Candlelight isn’t practical for day to day use, but having arrangements of candles around to enjoy while you’re in the room is extra cozy. Vanilla scented tealights are casual and understated but give your room a warm and homey feel. Lanterns or strings of café lights outdoors gives your garden a dreamy glow you’ll love.

Refreshing your style can be done with small, temporary décor like the suggestions we’ve made here. If you’re ready for a bigger, more permanent change we’re here to help. Give us a call.