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8 Kitchen Upgrades You Really Need

Is your kitchen giving off drab vibes? You know, the kind of vibes where you are no longer excited to just hang out in your kitchen to marvel at the giant hood or the massive wine fridge, or better yet the super cool coffee maker as part of your fridge? Did we go there? Yes, we did. 

Of course, a modern kitchen is more than just a few bells and whistles placed throughout. There are a number of key things you can do to create a kitchen worth swooning over. You know, the kind where you actually wantto cook dinner every night. 

We’ve compiled our list of 8 kitchen upgrades that will take your kitchen from drab to fab. Did we go there, again? Yes, we did. 

8 Kitchen Upgrades to Consider When Renovating Your Home
  1. New Wood Cabinetry: This may seem like a no-brainer but it makes the top of our list because there are still many homes that don’t have real wood cabinetry and instead have wood composite, laminate or vinyl. The weight and durability that wood provides is 100% worth it. 
  2. Large Range & Hood: The bigger the better, they say. Today’s styles call for an oversized range and hood which can create depth, texture, and serve as a statement piece in your kitchen. 
  3. Modern appliances – Adding new, modern or professional-grade appliances to your kitchen can both elevate the look of the space (we see you, Wolf with your red button ranges) as well as the caliber of your cooking. 
  4. Built-In Organizational Storage: Form and function are key. Adding built-in organization storage systems to your cabinets and drawers will only make your kitchen life better. Trust us. 
  5. Butler Pantry: Butler pantries went out of style a few decades ago, but like all good things – they never truly leave us. Adding a butler pantry can allow you to have more open space in your kitchen without foregoing your pantry stash. Bonus points if it’s hidden behind a cool, vintage door. 
  6. Paint Color: Switching up your paint color will give your kitchen a refreshed look that is guaranteed to make everything feel new and exciting. 
  7. Kettle Faucet: Having a kettle faucet over your stove can create an eye-catching detail in your kitchen while making your life a little easier – plus, it’s just super fun. 
  8. Lighting: In just about any room in your home, lighting makes a huge difference – this is especially true in the kitchen. From pendants to overhead lighting, you’ll notice what a difference it makes when you upgrade your kitchen lighting.

We love kitchens – and we want you to love yours too! If you’re still not sure where to start, give us a call today and we’ll get you on track to having the kitchen that your inner Emeril will love.