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A Complete Guide to Well-Designed Owner Suites

At the end of the day, it’s where you lay your head that matters most, right? That’s probably why the owner suite is still one of the most in-demand rooms to renovate among homeowners. 

It’s our respite, our haven from the daily grind, stressors from work, or just a place to take a break and hide from the kids who you love oh-so-much. 

Having a space that evokes all the luxury of a top-tier hotel at home can truly change the way you experience your bedroom and destress after long days. (We’re pretty sure there’s a survey somewhere that proves this.)

In the meantime, we’ve identified some key things to consider when designing the perfect owner suite.

A Guide to Well-Designed Owner Suites

  1. Create Space: The owner suite traditionally is the largest room in the house. Throughout history, this room has changed size, layout and even purpose. The key is to design your bedroom to best fit how you plan to use it. Even if your property doesn’t allow for a large bedroom, you can find new and innovative ways to use what you have. When renovating, be sure to create enough space to have at least two functional areas within the room. Most owner suites today offer a sitting area to offset the focal area of the actual bed – whether it be a cozy sofa and coffee table or two lounge chairs and a side table.
  2. Enhance Lighting: One of the easiest ways to add a touch of luxury to your owner suite is to upgrade your lighting. First, open your windows – and no, we don’t mean to let the fresh air and bugs in – but rather to enlarge your existing windows to allow more natural light into your room. Then, balance a modern chandelier or large pendant light over the bed with statement-making lamps or sconces on either side. For good measure, consider a floor lamp near your sitting area. 
  3. Upgrade Closet Space: Bigger isn’t always better when it comes to closets, but organization sure is. A cluttered, disheveled closet can be the Achilles heel of a well-designed owner suite. By adding custom drawers, shelves and racks you can maximize space while making a big impact on how you feel when getting dressed and facing each day. Good lighting here is crucial too, and often overlooked. Think about how you feel in a dimly-lit fitting room – and don’t bring that feeling home. 
  4. Savor the Spa: Perhaps the most important aspect that differentiates a primary bedroom from an owner suite is the ensuite bathroom. Create a spa-like atmosphere where you want to spend all of your time and really stick to that self-care routine. An oversized shower with floor to ceiling glass surround? Check. An estate-sized double vanity with make-up counter? Check. Free-standing tub and linen closet? You got it. 

There are a plethora of ways you can upgrade your owner suite from smaller interior design changes to large, full-scale renovations. Whatever you are looking to do, we can help you create a space you will never want to leave. Contact our design team today.