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Eating In: Making Your Kitchen the New Destination Spot for Entertaining

Whether you’re tired of take-out, wanting to try fun new recipes, or hoping to get back to hosting dinner parties with friends, a well-designed kitchen is your go-to spot for get-togethers and creative cooking ventures. Having an inviting,  open, and clean kitchen may seem like a far off dream (renovating on a budget can totally be done!), but with the right design plan, your kitchen can turn from tired to inspired.

Look to designing your kitchen to become the kind of space that would make Gordon Ramsay proud and Shea McGee a little jealous. How? We’re so glad you asked. 

Making Your Kitchen the Talk of the Town

When it comes to kitchens, you may be thinking that culinary items and decorations will spice (pun intended) up the area – but we’re here to tell you that while those can be great accents, it’s all about flow and functionality. 

When designing a kitchen, one of the first things you’ll hear people talk to you about is the “kitchen triangle” – we’re going to skip ahead, assuming you are already well-versed in the fact that your kitchen design needs to flow properly in order to work well.

What we want to talk about today are some key new trends for home kitchens that can elevate your home and your experience within it – whether you plan on whipping up some Pho at home just for you or cooking a seven-course meal for your friends in a whole “The Big Chill” dinner party event. 

Here are some of our favorite things to consider incorporating into your new kitchen:

Double Your Range

The range has taken over as the statement piece of any contemporary kitchen. Having a large, double-sized range with a custom hood overhead can make your kitchen feel larger than life. No range is complete without a pot filler faucet as well – save yourself stumbling around with heavy pots and be sure to include one of these on your kitchen wish list. 

Elevate Your Seating:

Think about how you use or plan to use your kitchen. For most of us, we tend to gather around the island to talk, cook, or munch on a charcuterie board while sipping wine. Either way, having two distinct areas for seating is paramount. Consider counter stools by the island with breakfast nook seating area as well. This covers both the needs from having space for entertaining as well as a place to have a bowl of cereal before dashing out the door in the morning. 

Bigger is Better:

When it comes to kitchens, bigger is almost always better. Work with your architect to find out how you can create more space in your kitchen, whether it is by knocking down existing walls or building an addition – there are certainly innovative ways that you can extend and expand your kitchen space to fit your needs. Surprisingly enough, we actually can reduce our stress by having a bigger kitchen in our houses – it allows us to relax more in a space that can be stressful or demanding at times. Ensure foot traffic has space to get around the chef; that the trashcans, ovens, and dishwashers can all open without anyone crashing into one another – and that you have plenty of storage for all your tools, pots and pantry items. 

Still not sure where to start? We recommend checking out the Coral Gables Tour of Kitchens for some amazing kitchen inspo. Whether it be a complete remodel or a few simple upgrades, your kitchen can be transformed into a place for get-togethers, entertainment, and of course, great food.

 So, what are you waiting for? If you’re ready for the kitchen you’ve always wanted, get in touch today.