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A Round Up of Some of the Coolest LED Lights

Let there be light!

The world of lighting design has changed drastically in the last decade. It’s even evolved radically in just the last few years. While we can’t say that all of the lighting trends are stellar (like lights that emulate the colors that are going on in the TV screen), we can say that you have more options than ever.

You can customize your home lighting to reflect your aesthetic, your mood and customize it for every room.

Let’s take a look at some of the best LED lights and lighting systems that could bring the right light to your home.

Take your temperature

Before we get into the wilder and more colorful lighting options, let’s start with the classics. “White” light smart LED bulbs can be a beautiful addition to your home. With most of these bulbs you can choose your color temperature and go far beyond simple dimming. From a candle-like ambiance to bright and cool shades, these lights can give you just about any effect within the white light spectrum.

Some of the top picks in this category are the Wyze Bulb or the Philips Hue White LED bulb. Both can connect to Alexa or Google Assistant.

Color me…Intrigued

If you’re looking to bring some color to your home you’ve got a lot of bulbs, brands and shades to choose from. Some brands, like LIFX offer incredible radiance with literally billions (that’s right!) of color options. Just a single bulb can bring a color accent to your room or you could spring for a set and really change the ambiance of any room.

Mood lighting, anyone?

Beyond bulbs, there are so many LED light strips to choose from as well. LIFX, again, is one of the best with its Z LED strip, which can pull of multiple colors at once and millions of colors to mix and match. There are other strips that can put out single colors or a variety of color options. These strips can be placed under a kitchen cabinet, behind the couch or your bed’s headboard to create a nice dramatic effect.

Light panels!

If you thought the bulbs and strips were cool, wait till you see the wide world of lighting panels. Some panels, like Nanoleaf, are so advanced they’ll respond to music in a brilliant visual display, show off animations and can be formed into any shape you can put together.

The great outdoors

Smart outdoor LED lights can offer great safety and security with ease. They can work as motion detectors and sync with your security system. They’ll connect with your smart device or hub as well and you can set timers while some even have geofencing features so they’ll turn on automatically when you come within range

Got a hub?

Just a logistical piece of information, you’ll want to consider whether you want your lights connected to a hub or connected individually directly to your smart phone or tablet. A hub is an additional expense and an extra step in the installation process but it gives you more control over the lighting system. Bulbs that cut out the middle man and let you control them directly via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth are simpler but you can’t change them when you’re out of range.

Light up your home. Light up your life. All these cool LED lights and lighting systems are a simple and cost effective way to transform your space. Need some more architecture or interior design advice? We’ll be here playing with our light panels whenever you’re ready.