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Master Planning Your Home Renovation Around A Future Pool

Let’s a have a pool party!

…Well, sometime in the near future-ish, anyways.

Parties, pool-related or otherwise, might seem like a luxury of the distant past, but they’ll come back. And when they do you are going to want to be prepared.

We believe that design and your lifestyle go hand in hand. So we want to help you plan all your design goals and vision boards cohesively. In particular, we want to discuss what it looks like to plan a renovation around a future pool.

Here’s the deal with all architecture and design projects, particularly with pools: you have to be able to see into the future.

No, that doesn’t mean gazing into a crystal ball. It means that with all your renovations or additions you need to consider what future redesigns or embellishments are going to look like and how they’re going to fit into the big picture.

With pools, this involves a lot more than just looking out at your backyard and pointing at the spot where you think a pool would fit. Or if you have a pool already and you want to remodel it eventually, this means talking with an architect about your vision before breaking ground on any new projects.

Can you think of anything more frustrating than putting a pool in and realizing you can’t make your home addition that you wanted because you used the space for your pool? Or renovating your home and not leaving space for your big pool plans and having to carve out a small niche instead. We’ve seen both of these happen. But you can avoid it – if you plan ahead – and create a master plan around your home.

The master plan

The grand vision you have for your home with a pool, outdoor oasis, master spa bathroom, etc. is a balance of fantasy meeting architectural reality. It’s great to have a vision and see all the renovation potentials of your home but fantasies – in order for them to become real – must fit within the realms of design actualities. Guess how you ensure that your hopes and wishes for your house can come true? Bet you figured it out… you need to consult with an architect.

Only an architect (or savvy team of architects and designers) can tell you if that home extension and outdoor kitchen is going to fit in with an infinity pool, hot tub, water feature and every other aspect you’re seeing in your mind. Chances are high that you’re not going to be doing every major renovation at once, so you need a master plan to create an architectural map that ensures you can chip away at each project while leaving room for all the future projects, especially that pool.

Efficiency and consistency

With this master plan for all your home redesigns it’s vital that you consider two main factors: the efficient use of space and consistency in design. No one wants to live in a Frankenstein-esque home where rustic meets shabby chic and Scandinavian design squeezes between minimalism and eclecticism. You need a design roadmap that matches both your design style and your home’s existing features. Leave it to us to bridge the gaps in design and bring everything together seamlessly.

Efficiency in the use of space is also critical to both getting the pool you’ve always dreamed of and not sacrificing other design features. Depending on your home and the lot, you could have to work in a compressed space to build that pool. But working within the parameters of design constraints is a challenge we’re ready to take on.

Say it ain’t septic!

One final consideration in planning for that future pool is the septic tank. That bad boy gets in the way every time. It’s out of sight, out of mind, until you have to work around it when building your pool. Regulations require that pools have to be a certain distance from septic tanks – usually 25 feet. This can throw a wrench in the spokes of your pool fantasies, which is why it’s crucial that you have that master plan in place.

We can’t wait to help you renovate your home and build out the pool that comes straight out of your fantasies. But make sure you schedule a free consultation with us before making any major overhauls. No one wants to see that epic lap pool have to condense into a kiddie pool…