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Wash 2020 Off Your Skin — It’s Gross

There’s this feeling that’s hard to describe. It’s unpleasant, oppressive, permeating. You could say it’s part COVID, part wildfire smoke, part hurricane aftermath, part political muck, but even that barely begins to depict just how all-encompassing this feeling is. It’s on your skin, in your hair, it burrows its way into your organs, down to the bedrock of your soul. What is it?

Well, it’s 2020.

Yeah, it’s left you with this feeling of “Yuck!” that you just can’t seem to wash off, no matter how hard you try. You need an escape from this year. You need a place you can go to wash away the weariness and woes. You need a 2020 cleanse.

A new master spa-bathroom can help in your cleansing process.

Rather than dictating design choices for your dream retreat or letting you know how we’ve helped families build their own master bathroom refuge, we want to give you the space to fantasize and daydream. So, as an exercise in both imagination and a pre-cleansing process, we invite you to sit back, close your eyes, breathe deep and let your mind wander as we ask you some spa-bathroom questions.

Let your worries wash away. Imagine yourself in a personal resort, which also happens to be in your own home. What do you see and feel?

Soak it in. Let it wash over you.

Now, keep this visualization going as we ask some more clarifying questions.

How would you design your in-home spa?

Double sinks? A spacious bathtub with jets? A steam shower? Panoramic windows?

What kind of finer touches would you add?

A bold chandelier? A claw-foot tub? An uninterrupted floor to ceiling mirror to really make the place feel spacious? Tumbled beach glass tile?

What would you see from your bathroom spa?

A sweeping water view? Lush green foliage? Or would you want to shut the world out completely and only let in natural light through opaque glass?

What kind of feel would you create?

Are you on the feng shui vibe, spacious and flowing? Soothing natural colors and elements? Ornate and classical, or clean and modern? Wide and open or cozy and nestled in?

What kind of materials are you picturing?

Soft, dark-stained wood? Sleek stone? Elegant Italian marble?

What kind of aesthetic?

Are you thinking Japanese style spa? Do you dream of the glorious Parisian 1900s? Minimalistic? Contemporary? Whimsical?

All right, that’s probably enough daydreaming for now. Do you have a clearer picture of your in-home oasis? Wonderful.

Now it’s time to turn that fantasy into reality. We’d love to support your vision and get your daily #spalife on lockdown. How can we help?