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Best Holiday Decor Ideas to Give You & Your Kids a Boost This Season

The 2020 holidays are here!

While most of us were wondering if the end of 2020 would ever arrive, we can now assuredly say that it’s finally here. And thank goodness!

But let’s not talk about pandemics, social justice, natural disasters or elections. It’s time for merry-making, holiday cheer, family warmth and a healthy dose of overeating.

And what else can ring in the season and the good times better than some tasteful holiday décor? With this blog we want to give you great decoration ideas for the holiday season. These decorations are designed to lift your spirits and give your family a much needed boost. Honestly, we wouldn’t blame you if you went a little overboard this year. We could use all the lift we can get, even if it comes from overindulgent décor. We won’t judge you if you go ALL IN this holiday season, but do remember that there will be pictures to document your design choices.

Without further ado, we give you our spirit-lifting holiday décor ideas.

Can’t go wrong with garland

When in décor doubt, wrap the place up in garland. You could go with the traditional cedar garland or an elegant synthetic garland wreathed in soft and warm string lights. You could opt for Hanukkah tinsel garland in silver and blue. Candy garland, cranberry garland, foil poinsettia garland, citrus garland, crystal garland. Garland knows no bounds or material constraints. Wrap the banister, the mantel, the doorways, the windows. Normally we’d say that less is more, but you know what, do whatever you gotta do this year to usher in the joy.

A multitude of menorahs

Make your mark on the holiday with the menorah that speaks to your festive feel and your aesthetic. Go big and brassy, soft and silver, geometric lines or organic, flowing candle holders. You could even pick between electric or old fashioned candles.


Nothing welcomes people into your home like a lovely wreath on the front door. Wreaths are a lot like garlands – there’s something for everyone. While we’re partial to the neutral and natural look of a fresh pine (or evergreen of your choice) wreath, the sky’s the limit with wreaths. Go with a Star of David wreath, a grapevine wreath, wreathes wrapped in leaves, pinecones or seasonal fruits, natural or artificial wreaths, wreaths with fiber optics. You get the picture.

Color me festive

A palette of white, rose gold, pale pinks and muted greens can create a nice backdrop of understated glamor to the season. Or maybe you want to stick with the traditional – Red, green and gold for Christmas, blue, silver and white for Hanukkah. Not bound by one tradition? Throw them all together and see what you get (but, please, do so tastefully). Not bound by conventional color schemes? Get colorful this holiday season.

Light it up

Hanukkah is the festival of lights, so let’s get lit. Christmas lights can come in so many colors and shapes. Find the light that shines right for you. Choose LED or incandescent, warm or cool, mini string lights, wide-angle, large bulbs, animated or color changing lights, icicle lights, pathway lights, even Hanukkah hanging paper lanterns.

Set the table…

No holiday celebration is complete without an epic feast. And every great feast deserves a beautifully decorated table and kitchen. Make the holidays your way with modern brass candleholders, a centerpiece that can last all season or just for one meal, possibly a brachot table runner. Stay elegant and classic, get woodsy and rustic, channel your inner child or go holiday chic. Set the table for your family and friends and give them more to admire than just your holiday feast.

What else?

Well, you may want to consider this candle that smells like potato latkes and applesauce to remind you of bubbe’s cooking. And we’ve given so many suggestions that can lend themselves to going overboard, you may want to consider holiday minimalism. A sparsely decorated pine tree, a tasteful wreath and well-placed lights. Also, don’t forget that you do have neighbors as you fill your home with holiday cheer. Some of those LED lights might keep them up all night…

Let’s be real, we NEED this holiday season. This blog is more about having fun and celebrating than artful décor with the Debowsky Design Group stamp of approval. We want to encourage you to find your way to celebrate, by whatever means, to whatever extent necessary. Enjoy the decorating process and remember that a house isn’t a home until you love where you live.

Even if it’s just for a season, find the décor that speaks to your heart. After a year like 2020, we won’t hold anything against you.

Happy holidays from all of us here at Debowsky Design Group!