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Must-Haves for New Home Construction

Making your dream home a reality is no small feat. The design and construction process is a massive undertaking alone, but before any of that can happen, you have to make hundreds of decisions.

When building a custom home the possibilities are endless and can get a little overwhelming. We’ve boiled down the must-haves for new home construction to make your job a little easier.

Form meets function

Everything about your home must be beautiful. And everything about your home must be well-designed and practical. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice one for the other. Make sure your architect knows how to blend your wants and needs seamlessly

Flexible spaces

Now more than ever, we need our rooms to be multi-functional. Since COVID hit we’ve been spending much more time indoors and discovering that room dedicated to one thing only are becoming impractical.

Natural light

Bring in all the natural light you can. Make sure you’ve got the most energy efficient windows available and that they are hurricane ready and you’ve got yourself a well-lit, lovely home.

Bathroom bliss

Turn your bathroom into a spa and every shower or bath will feel like a special treat yo’ self day. Build your own Zen retreat right at home.

Energy efficiency

From insulation to appliances, to the HVAC and electrical systems, you need your home to be energy efficient. Not only will this help you save money, but it will ensure that you are doing your part to protect the environment and fight climate change.

Mud room

It can often go overlooked but so many families require this extra space. It also creates a nice, welcoming entrance for guests, in addition to providing a safe sanitation space.

Outdoor oasis

We’ve never needed the outdoors more. When creating your custom home make sure you build an outdoor space to give you serenity and sanctuary.

The kitchen of your dreams

Since the pandemic, kitchens have become central to the home. If you’re going to be cooking most of your meals at home and feeding your family, you need a kitchen that’s as gorgeous as it is practical.

Closet organization and storage space

His and hers closets, pantries, additional storage room, if you want your home to feel clutter free, you need to have the space to put your stuff.

Easy access laundry

Put your washer and dryer where you have most of your dirty clothes. For most people, this means on the same floor as the master bedroom. No one wants to lug laundry up and down a flight of stairs or across the house.

Bonus bells and whistles

While there are some crucial must-haves for a new home construction, there are endless features and accessories. Once you’ve got your bases covered, think about springing for some bonuses like: extra outlets, built-in sprinkler system, built-in vacuum system (yes, it’s a thing – yes, we live in Jetsons-like era), integrated home technology to work with all your smart devices, an expanded garage, radiant heated floors and pet accommodations.

Dream homes require dream designers who know how to listen and how to construct your vision. Schedule a free consultation with us to see if we can design your dreams.