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So, You Wanna Build a New Pool

In the post-pandemic lifestyle we learned a lot while trapped in our homes for a year. Namely that we need space, privacy and a whole lot of adaptability in our homes!

But we also learned that if we’re going to be spending more and more of our time in our home, we need a few luxuries, which most definitely must include a pool.

Welcome to the private pool club.

Here’s what you need to know before you break ground:

1. Start building and planning before you want to have the pool ready

Maybe that pool your daydreaming about is a few years down the line and there are other renovations or additions you want to make first. Take care to create a full scale master plan for all your potential projects.

The architectural and design constraints of your pool must be factored in before breaking ground. There can be factors that will shape the size and features of your pool. Just one example: we worked with a client who had a great design plan for his house but later realized he wanted a swimming pool. He used all his land for the house so there was no room for a pool. You need to have a design master plan before you build your pool or before you make any additions to your home. Spoiler alert: we did make that client’s pool dreams come true. Just needed some Tetris-style architectural planning.

2. Understand the setbacks

A pool is a wonderful luxury but it will require maintenance, upkeep and it must follow zoning codes. You’ll need to review all the regulations of your city and county. For example, Coral Gables treats a small pool as impervious space while other areas have further restrictions. Another for instance: If it rains torrentially and the pool overflows, now you have rainwater that you have to treat. Building codes want you to have space to differ storm water retention. This matters because you are not allowed to let your site drain on someone else’s site. Another often neglected pool design aspect is the septic tank. If you have a septic tank on your property you’ll have to build around it and follow zoning regulations.

The realities of building a pool should be considered before you break ground. But we can make the permitting process easy for you and help you build around all regulations and constraints.

3. Now, for the feature presentation

Now that the boring stuff is out of the way, we can start to dream up all the fancy features you might want to incorporate in your pool. Things like beach entry/zero entry, a sun shelf, water fountains, a rock waterfall or an infinity edge. Heck, you could even throw in a waterslide, epic lighting features, a tanning ledge or fire features. The sky’s the limit (actually, the ground’s the limit but that doesn’t sound as great) when it comes to building your brand new pool.

4. If you build it, they will swim… Safety matters

This pool you’re creating needs to be designed for the people who will use it. Got kids? You’re going to want to design your pool with plenty of safety features, both in regards to the pool itself as well as to how it relates to your home. For instance, you might want to keep your pool in sight of the kitchen or nearby space so you can keep an eye out. If you have elderly family or friends or people with accessibility issues that will be regularly using the pool, you can build in features that will allow them to relax and soak in the indulgence as well.

A pool can be one of the greatest amenities in your home but building one requires careful planning and consideration. Whether you’re ready to get that pool in your yard ASAP or you want to plan for it in a while after you’ve made other renovations, you can count on us to design your dreams.