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Maintenance for Outdoor Spaces Against Corrosion

Weatherproof Projects

Ah, summertime in Miami. Get outside, bubbly beverage or cocktail in hand, and soak in the sunshine and balmy air. This is what Southern Florida living is all about.

But you know what can really kill a good time in your outdoor oasis? Rust, corrosion, mold and other party poopers. That salty air, bright sun, ocean and dreamy Miami weather is your idea of paradise, but it’s also pretty harsh on many materials.

If you’re going to try to live your best outdoor life, you need an outdoor living area that can hold up to the elements. Here’s what you need to know about maintaining your outdoor oasis, and what you should keep in mind if you’re planning on sprucing up your patio, pool, outdoor kitchen or other outside features.

Start with the right materials

When we design and build outdoor kitchens, pools, lounges, pergolas and more, we plan for the elements. In Miami design, you have to take into account everything the elements can do to your beautiful space. Mold, mildew, rot, rust, corrosion, warping, fading, cracking and more. We’re not trying to build you a dream refuge in your backyard only to have it start falling apart a year later. Materials like concrete, hardwoods like teak, shorea, eucalyptus, ipe, white oak, and treated wood can withstand anything South Florida can throw at them.

Other materials that are great for the outdoors…

Steel roofs are great for weather resistance and energy efficiency. Clay tiles are fire and water resistant and can last for decades (sometimes over 100 years). And don’t forget about slate and porcelain tile.

Furnish for the elements

Furniture materials that hold up best to Miami’s climate are actually man-made materials like resin and plastic. Sounds less luxurious, but there are actually some really great options for the design savvy consumer like you. Additionally, some of these options are very eco-friendly. You can also consider high pressure laminate (HPL) or tempered glass in your décor ideas. 

Just say no to (most) metal

Stainless steel, aluminum and wrought iron are the only metals you should consider for furniture, fixtures or other design elements of your outdoor space. Most other metals will be prone to rust and corrosion very quickly in our climate. Consider every use of metal in your patio very carefully, even the smallest screws and bolts will rust and ruin your otherwise flawless space.  

We want you to live lavishly and enjoy your outside sanctuary for years to come. How can we help you build your outdoor oasis?