…a house is not a home until you love where you live…

ABCs of Building New Homes

Don’t go away! We’re not really about to give you 26 alphabetical facts about building a new home. However, if you’re considering building a new home it’s good to have a simple overview of the steps and what order they happen in. It’s a big project, but such an exciting one! Knowing what to expect makes it easier to enjoy watching it all come together.

Architects Before Contractors

We did have to work ABCs in somewhere, but this is a great way to remember it! Of course, before you even involve architects and designers you need to have purchased your home site. This allows your architect to design a home that uses your property to the highest benefit. Just as an example, it’s nice to avoid having too many windows or doors on the East and West sides of your home to avoid excessive heat as the sun rises and sets.

Once you have your property the very first step is to work with your design team. Hiring an architect might seem like a luxury, but when you’re taking on building a new home from the ground up having one – even if you choose someone other than us – will be invaluable to ensuring your finished home will be everything you want it to be. 

This is the time to go over details such as any neighborhood requirements or restrictions. The permitting phase goes hand in hand with design and planning. An experienced architect will be able to navigate you through this process as seamlessly as possible. 

Contractors and Construction

Once your design is complete and the initial building permits are secured your contractors and their crew will get to start the first activity at your site. The preparation process involves clearing, leveling, compacting, and filling your building pad. Any underground utilities will go in after the site is prepped. The first big step you will be able to see is the slab being poured! It’s always an exciting day the first time you get to see your new home’s footprint. After the slab has cured the framework of your home and your roof go up pretty quickly. Now it’s really starting to look like a house!

The next phase is installing all the things that will be mostly hidden behind your walls – electrical, plumbing, and HVAC. All these elements will go through a round of inspections to comply with permits before the next steps can begin. This can be a frustrating part of the process for homeowners because there will be some waiting time for inspections. Being proactive in the planning phase helps every round of permitting and inspections go smoother.

Completing the Project

Once the permits are complete your insulation can go in followed by drywall. The exterior (stucco, siding, etc.) can be done simultaneously with flooring and the big ticket interior items: cabinets, sinks, showers/tubs, and toilets. You’ll see big changes at this point, and your living spaces will start to look like you imagined them! The final touches are exterior finishes, and landscaping. Move in day will come before you know it once this stage has started, and all the work and waiting will have been worth it!

Having a team of experienced professionals working on your project is the best way to sail through these steps with minimal complications. If you’re ready to start the designing phase, we’re here to help! Schedule your consultation today so we can get started on your dream home!