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Are Renovation Timelines Going to Get Better Any Time Soon?

The short answer: signs point to yes. The long answer: we’re not Nostradamus, here. 

When it comes to renovating a home, one of the first questions that comes to every homeowner’s mind is: how long is it going to take?

Estimating a renovation timeline is akin to walking on a thinly frozen lake in spring. Lately, it’s only been more precarious as the number of variables at play continue to rise. 

The two most dominant factors of late have been due to labor and material shortages. And unfortunately, those are an endemic of their own. 

Labor Shortages in Miami Renovations

Labor shortages are widespread in South Florida’s construction industry. Vendor teams including plumbers, contractors, electricians, and roofers – have been hard pressed to have enough available teams to support the increase in demand for residential renovations and new construction. 

But on top of that, and perhaps less openly discussed, permitting offices and engineering firms are not immune to these shortages either. And if you’re planning a renovation, you’ll need them to sign off on your plans and permits. 

Put simply: shortages across the board have been a major factor in renovation timelines since the start of the pandemic. Yes, things are finally improving – and we’re stoked about it. We just don’t know how much and how soon yet, but we’ll keep you posted.  

Material Shortages in Construction in 2022

Material shortages are also still an issue. We are seeing more shipments sent to ports on the East Coast, so we are hopeful that the current timelines will continue to improve. 

Glass and metal used in frames for windows are still proving hard to come by, causing windows to take upwards of six months for delivery. We’re still being quoted up to 12 months for delivery of certain brands of appliances and cabinetry. 

And if you want a pool for next summer, you should start that process today if you want a shot at it. Pool companies are requiring longer lead times – some up to a year – just to assess your property and schedule your pool build.

The moral of the story is it’s best to get started before you think you are 100% ready. There are plenty of aspects we can get moving on that we know we’ll need (such as windows and appliances) so you won’t be waiting indefinitely a year from now. 

Any questions? We’re here to guide you through the process.