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Change Your Bathroom, Change Your Life

Let’s talk about your bathroom. 

It sets the stage for the start of your day and allows you to decompress at the end of it. It could be the most influential room in your house as far as your daily life goes. Sure, you may spend the most amount of time in the kitchen or living room – but your bathroom, now that’s something entirely mood-altering. 

Think about it. How do you feel when you look in the mirror? Do you look forward to your nighttime hygiene routine or do you avoid it? Do you linger in the shower or soak in your tub after a long day? Do you want to spend time in your bathroom – or do you just want to get the heck out?

We want your bathroom to evoke that same feeling you get when you walk into a bathroom at a 5-star resort. Sure, you could move into a hotel – or you could make your primary suite’s bathroom your own personal luxurious spa. 

If it just isn’t cutting the mustard, then it’s time to channel the immortal words of Beyonce and “Upgrade You..r Bathroom.” We’re pretty sure that’s a direct quote. 

Things to Consider When Renovating Your Bathroom

When it comes to upgrading bathrooms, we always want to first consider space and how our clients plan to use it. Not all bathrooms are created equal – and how we all choose to interact with our “throne rooms” is completely unique. 

For some, incorporating a free-standing tub is a must. For others, it’s a space to sit comfortably to apply make-up or use an at-home facial steamer. And for others, it’s just a place to escape the family and hide behind closed doors for 30 minutes without being questioned. We don’t judge. 

We compiled a list of some key items to consider when renovating or upgrading your bathroom:

  • Let’s talk tubs. 

Thanks to Instagram, everyone wants a free-standing tub. And if you’re one for a good soak, we’re all in. But the reality is most tubs end up being a really expensive towel rack that take up a lot of the square footage in your bathroom. Consider instead where you spend the most time in the bathroom and what you value most. Surprisingly to some, it’s maximizing floor space and implementing strategic storage areas, like open shelving, to make the room feel more open and inviting. 

  • The Perfect Shower

Spacious showers are all the rage – and they should be. The look of a large open shower is always going to be exquisite – and having enough room to move about, shave and sing is a must on anyone’s list. That being said, showers can get cold if you go too big. Be sure to incorporate multiple showerheads if your shower will be larger than typical – that way you’re not fighting the chills even on a summer day. 

  • Colors and Accents

Bold accent colors are in. Navy or smokey green cabinets paired with crisp white walls and polished gold fixtures are cropping up everywhere. Capturing your style and carrying it through to your bathroom is always a good idea. 

Whatever direction you want to go, we can help you find the best combination for your ideal space.

  • State of the Art Never Hurt Anyone

Beyond digitally controlled water temperatures, you can bring a whole host of new technology into your bathroom including a smart vanity mirror and voice-controlled lighting. 

No matter your style a bathroom remodel can change how you feel about getting ready for your busiest days or unwinding for your most relaxing evenings.

Want to talk bathrooms? We’re here to help. Reach out to us today.