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DDG Round Up: Our Favorite Kitchen Sinks & Faucets 

A question we commonly get asked is: ‘What are your favorite products?’

Our standard answer used to be that our opinion doesn’t matter – we’re building your dream home, not ours, so we want it to be perfect for you. 

Then they’d ask again – ‘No really, I want to know what you like. Which one would you put in your home?’

Which got us thinking. We have lots of reasons for recommending the brands and products we select for our client’s homes. Mostly, it’s because they’re trusted products with great track records. The quality is outstanding. They’ll last in your home and look damn good too.

So, we’re going to start sharing a lot more of our favorite and recommendations as far as products go. We hope you’ll stay tuned and check back in regularly. 

So, without further ado, here are a few of our favorite sinks & faucets. 

Moen Smart Faucets

More technology isn’t always better, but with kitchen faucets we love it. 

Touchless & voice activated technologies – custom settings, commands you can personalize. Does it make your life a little easier? Sure. Is it incredibly cool? Absolutely. 

Customize your presets to fill your coffee pot, your favorite water bottle, or to water each plant the exact right amount just by telling your faucet what you need it to do. Your new faucet can also be programmed to dispense the correct temperature water for each different task. Exactly one cup of 78-degree water for your prized orchid? No problem, Moen smart faucets have you covered! 

Don’t worry, you won’t have to chat with your faucet every time you need water. These also have smartphone apps, motion sensors that allow you to turn the faucet on or off with a wave, or you could still go old school and turn the handle. Available in a wide variety of finishes & silhouettes to match your existing style or your vision for your upgraded kitchen. 

The key thing here is that Moen is a trusted brand. Bonus points for super cool tech, but Moen is a brand that most plumbers trust and recommend as well. Why? Because they work and the craftmanship behind each piece is stunning, even in its simplicity. 

Delta Workstation Sinks

Have you ever cruised around in a classic roadster? Doesn’t matter who you are it makes you feel like the it should be the only way to get from point a to point b. Delta’s workstation sinks are like that for your kitchen – designed to make working in the kitchen both more convenient & more stylish than you’ve ever thought a sink could be – and you can’t imagine life in a kitchen with a regular sink afterwards.

The Built-in WorkFlow™ ledge allows accessories like cutting boards and drying racks to fit right in and slide along to keep you moving seamlessly through your tasks. Cutting directly over your sink makes meal prep smooth & clean up a breeze. Never take up counter space to allow hand-washed dishes to dry again. The wide variety of styles, sizes, and finishes makes the workstation sinks a great fit for every kitchen.

Kohler Everything

Kohler has long-since been a designer favorite brand. The design and functionality of their products make it a reliable go-to for architects, interior designers and general contractors alike. No matter your style, Kohler has a kitchen faucet for you. While their price point is typically on the higher end of the scale, it is for good reason. 

From modern to traditional, from kitchen sink faucets and pot fillers to actual kitchen sinks and water filtration systems, Kohler pretty much can be a one-stop shop for you when looking to upgrade your kitchen sinks and faucets.

If there’s one thing that we would like you to take away from this, its that we could talk to you about everything and the kitchen sink when it comes to renovating or upgrading your home. If you’ve got questions or want a recommendation, give us a call. 

We’ll be here.