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Murphy Beds are Making a Come-Back. Should You Do It, Too?

If you are anything like us and spend a fair amount of time perusing Instagram or Pinterest for design inspiration, you’ve probably come across a few good Murphy Bed installations of late. In fact, it is as if Oprah went around giving Murphy Beds away as it seems everyone is getting one.  

So, what’s the big deal about a Murphy Bed and why are they en vogue yet again? Here’s the thing, since the pandemic designers and homeowners have been finding innovative ways to utilize space. Remember when you tried to carve a home office nook in your closet as the dining table was not cutting the mustard? Yeah, that’s precisely what is happening with the renaissance of the Murphy Bed. 

Being able to create a multi-functional space is essential as we continue to live and work in a hybrid setting. 

Even Disney is getting in on the trend, with more of their hotels boasting Murphy Bed set-ups, including at their priciest resorts. 

Where You Can Incorporate a Murphy Bed into Your Home

Typically, the most popular space for a Murphy Bed is in a home office. Building a bed right into an office wall-unit, blending in with shelving on either side – allows you to create a cohesive look that can tuck away the bed during working hours and convert to an inviting guest room when needed. 

You may also see Murphy Beds being hidden right in the thick of things in living or family rooms as well. Newer and more modern designs for Murphy Beds allow for custom options including couches that covert into the base of the bed when in its pulled down position.

For those who like to keep any guest space under wraps in order to deter, well, guests, a Murphy Bed is a great option – as most people won’t even know it’s there and won’t assume you have the space to put anyone up. Think of it as the more modern, upgraded version of the sleeper sofa. 

 If you’re interested in incorporating a custom Murphy Bed into your home, give us a call. We’d be happy to talk design options that are available to you during your next renovation.