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Considering a Pool for Your Yard? Read This First

The summer heat is here, and for many of us that means finally getting to spend the day relaxing by the poolside (or throw a long-overdue pool party). And we can’t think of a better place to soak up the sun than your own backyard! 

If you’re looking to add a pool to your yard, it can be easy to get overwhelmed by the options – which is why we’re here to make it simple for you (read our blog post on the basics of building a new pool here).

So, which is right for you? In-Ground, Plunge/Dip, Shipping Container Pools (yep, that’s a thing), Heated, and or even Saltwater? Here’s everything you need to know about incorporating a pool into your backyard renovation:


Probably the first kind of pool that comes to mind is an in-ground pool. They are permanent pools that are built directly into your landscape. There are several kinds of in-ground pools, including fiberglass, concrete, and even vinyl. Each of these materials have different pros and cons as well as durability.

Concrete pools tend to be on the expensive side, but you can customize and design exactly to your preference. They are the most common, and the most durable and honestly – what we truly would recommend if you’re going to go forward with an in-ground pool. 

Fun fact: In-ground pools can also be made into a heated or saltwater pool if desired. 

Plunge Pools 

Also known as a dipping pool, plunge pools are a newer and less conventional option for a backyard pool. They don’t take up as much space as a traditional in-ground pool, making them a great option for smaller backyards. As a bonus, you can make them super tech friendly and have apps that can change the water temperature and color. 

Shipping Container Pools

Shipping container pools are a unique, environmentally-friendly, and (potentially) more cost-effective option for a pool. You’ll want to be sure to hire a professional company to help you prepare and install your shipping container pool – but if you are looking for a more modern, look – we recommend taking a look to see what your options are here. 

Stock Tank Pools

If space is a concern, but you also want to have a hip, modern backyard oasis – may we introduce the stock tank pool? These bad boys have been increasing in popularity since the pandemic and honestly, we’re into it. 

Ready to make a splash this summer? Let us help you design the backyard oasis you deserve.